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In Words: Runemagick

- Nicklas Rudolfsson - Aug. 2002 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Nicklas Rudolfsson (by email) - August, 29th 2002

The latest album of Runemagick is just in the stores and the band decided to work with a small Norwegian label called Aftermath Music. Just one reason to talk to mastermind Nicklas Rudolfsson by email...

The band is around for more then 10 years... A little bit back in your past... Why did you decide to put the band on ice? Was it the right decision?

We had problems to find a new rehearsal place and line-up problems too so it was the only solution at that moment. It would of course be much better if we had managed to go on but that's how it was... I (Nicklas) moved to Gothenburg and started to play with some other bands and let Runemagick rest in the grave for a while.

And your first album was released in 1998. When you look back now, what do you think about your early releases yet?

The songs on the first album are all old songs from the early years. We thought it was cool to record and document the old stuff first. But now some years after that I would prefer that we recorded our new songs instead. I think the first album is very boring and the drum arrangement sucks on the new versions of the old songs...

The album was released through Century Media who also got you on tour... Now you are signed to the Norwegian label Aftermath Music. What happened?

We released 2 more albums on CM, Enter The Realm Of Death and Resurrection In Blood which both are much better than the debut. After the Resurrection In Blood album it was decided that it was best for both parts that we split up. CM are a big label with high goals and we are a small band that belongs more to the underground so it great step for us sign with a small underground label like Aftermath Music from Norway.

But before you signed with Aftermath you released a live EP in 2001. Why do you decided to release this EP?

It was a live LP limited in 300 and it was released by Bloodstone Entertainment (swe). It was Kim (Bloodstone) who thought it was a cool idea to release a gig we just recorded with an ok sound quality. It's also 2 old demo tracks as bonus.

Also you released old demo material... Why not new material?

Aftermath Music released a 7" EP called Ancient Incantations with some old demo material. We got lot's of mail from people who wanted our old demo stuff so that's why we decided to release that vinyl.

Now your latest release Requiem Of The Apocalypse is almost in the stores... Can you tell us something about the recordings?

The drums for the album were recorded at Los Angered Recording in October 2001. Then we continued with the rest of the recording and mixing at my home studio Magick Sound Studio. The album was released in March 2002 by Aftermath Music. It was great for us to record the album ourselves without big time pressure and so on...

Btw, on your CD you have more then just the audio tracks.... What have you added? And what's the idea behind it?

It a kind of multimedia site with mp3's, screensaver, win­amp skins and more... I think it's a cool idea to offer the fans something more. Maybe someone will buy the album instead of just ripping the underground off and download the album in mp3 format.

I just have a promo copy without the artwork... Please tell us something about it. How did it? Was is it an idea of the band?

The artwork and layout was made by me and Emma (Bass). It is quite dark with obscure stuff and twisted bodies... It's hard to describe, it's best to see it yourself.

In my opinion the new material is stronger than the tracks from the last album. Do you have an idea what's the reason?

Much more time behind songwriting, arrangements and rehearsing! We have also developed on our instruments and songwriting skills.

You also had to face some line-up changes through your career. Is working with the current line-up different compared to working with others in the past?

The current one is the best for sure! I and Emma write the music / lyrics and then when arrange it together with Daniel (drums). We have a little problem with Fredrik right now, but we hope to have it solved soon...

Did the changes effect also the song writing for Runemagick?

Yes, as I said Emma is very much involved now and Daniel in the end too so it's a big difference now. On the old records I did everything myself...

Usually there are not very much female musicians in this genre. How come that Emma came in? Do you think that it's an advantage to have her in the band?

She was a friend to me for a long time before she joined the band, she lived neighbour to me and I also played session drums in her old band for a while. It's great to have her in the band! She has the right personality and feeling for sure!

I guess you already have some reactions from media... How are the reactions so far?

The reviews and response for the Requiem... Album have been great so far!

Do you think that we will see you on tour soon? Just Europe or also other parts of the world?

I hope that we can do a tour or some gigs soon. We haven't play live for a long time now (April). We'll see what's happen...

Many metal fans think of the Scandinavian countries when they think of the different shades of death metal. From many other countries bands origin. Do you think that fans and label shouldn't just focus on Europe?

There are cool bands everywhere so people should not follow the media and trends!!

Do you think that it would be an interesting impulse for the scene, if bands from Asia, South America or wherever would got a chance to step into the limelight?

Of course!

Do you think that these days there are better chances for a band to get attention though the internet?

Yes, it was harder in the old days with all letters and flyers... More and more people get internet and broadband which is great to promote the band!

Do you get a lot emails from fans? Do you try to answer them? Or are there too much to answer?

We get quite much mail and we answer everything besides mails from idiots!

What is your opinion about mp3-files? And what about sites like Napster and Audiogalaxy?

I think it's great with mp3 files, but if you like a band much, especially small underground bands, etc. then I think you should support the band and underground with buying the album. It's a great way to spread your music. We have lot's of songs on our homepage

Do you have any tip for a young band how to survive in this business?

Believe in your music and stay true to yourselves. Don't try to follow the trends...

Famous last words.... Anything you want to say to the fans?

Thanks for the interview!! Check out our latest releases Requiem Of The Apocalypse and Moon Of The Chaos Eclipse (just released in limited 1,000!!!) Visit our website and hail the metal of death and doom!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!

Nothing more to say...

Claudia Ehrhardt


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