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In Words: Rob Rock

- Rob Rock - March 2000 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Rob Rock - live 2000
Claudia Ehrhardt

Rob Rock - March, 19th 2000 - Bochum (Germany)

Late last year the first solo album of Rob Rock been released, but he is know in the metal scene for more than a decade! For several years he was working with Chris Impellitteri and did studio jobs for e.g. Axel Rudi Pell on the Nasty Reputation album. For quite a while he was thinking about a solo album... "I wanted to do the solo album and stay with Impellitteri. I recorded the album and after Chris listened to it, he told me to make a decision for or against Impellitteri..." Luckily Rob decided to leave Impellitteri, otherwise Rage Of Creation would never been released! "The reactions on this album been very good so far and I'm lucky that I got the possibility to tour in Germany." Most of the fans of Axel Rudi Pell know Rob Rock from Nasty Reputation and gave him a warm welcome. "I'm in touch with Axel since I worked with him on Nasty Reputation and so I really appreciate that I got this chance. We get along very well, it's a very relaxed atmosphere on this tour." Unfortunately they are just playing shows in Germany and one in Switzerland.... "If a band should cancel for the Bang-Your-Head festival we will do that one. If we should play the BYH, we will try to play a few shows in Holland and Belgium. If not, we will be back next year with a new album to tour in Europe." On the album Rob worked with Roy Z. and 'Butch' Carlson as well as some guest like Jake E. Lee, live he has a touring band. "Roy Z. and 'Butch' couldn't join me for the tour and so I was looking for musicians and found these guys in the area of my home town Orlando, Florida. It's much better to have people from the same area. It's easier to work..." In the past Rob had to fly over from Florida to California to work with Impellitteri. Most of the concert visitors will be surprised about one of the guitarist Rob picked... Ricky Renstrom is an amazing guitarist, especially coz he's suffering from a deformity of both arms. "I heard that Ricky is playing the songs from Rage Of Creation note by note and I couldn't believe it. So I visited him and was blown away! He's amazing." Many other musicians would never give him a chance, coz image is still important. "Ricky didn't feel like he is handicapped. He was born with this deformity and learnt to live with it. He has a strong personality and never gave up." All the members of the touring band are excellent musicians. "I'm fortunated to find these guys and now I'll kinda let my touring band become my recording band. Even if I'll continue working with Roy Z.!" The solo album was initially released in Japan and than licensed to Massacre Records in Europe. "Impellitteri are really successful in Japan, so I first signed there. I will not just concentrate on Japan, I hope that I'll have the chance to come over to Europe in future frequently. On this tour a lot of fans showed up and ask me to sign stuff. They had everything from Impellitteri as well as the M.A.R.S. album and that told me that I have to spend more time here." The album is presenting melodic metal and incl. an unusual cover tune... "Actually it was Roy Z.'s idea. We played the ABBA tune Eagle at the rehearsals and it turned out well. I sing it in a kind of Black Sabbath-ish style. I liked this metal version of a pop song, so I put it on the album. This time we can't play it live, coz we don't have keyboard player with us. Perhaps when we tour with the next album...." Another solo album should be recorded later this year, but there isn't a real schedule yet. "You know, I also did the vocals on the latest Warrior album and as long as it fits in my schedule I will continue working with Warrior. I enjoy working with them. At the Warrior songs I sing in a different style... With a lower voice, at my solo stuff I sing higher and scream which I enjoy as well." Most important is the song, not the individual instrument. "The songs is what counts. A great song you'll remember...." Some use their believe to catch the attention of the fans... Surely more black metal fans than Christian rock / white metal bands and musicians, sometimes it seems just to be an image which shall help to sell albums. Rob Rock never used his believe to sell albums, he's not the kind of metal preacher. "I believe in God and I believe in the Bible. I'm a Baptist and my personal relation to God is strong. I believe that everybody who takes time to communicate with God will finally got back a lot. Believe is not about what preachers say or what's the dogma of the church, it's just the believe in God! The Bible is just a report about what God has done, but the writers add personal believes." Rob never used his believe to get attention and he will never write songs about, he doesn't want to preach. "If people want to talk about it, it's fine with me. I like to communicate with all this different people! But that has nothing to do with the artist Rob Rock." Anyway, it was really nice to talk to Rob and I appreciate that I got this chance. Personally I think it's great that he and his band is hanging out at the club talking to fans, signing stuff... These guys are down-to-Earth, if you see them somewhere don't hesitate to talk to them!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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