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In Words: Reissue

- Reissue - Sept. 2008 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Reissue band photo
© Reissue

Reissue - September 2008 (by email)

If you write for a webzine it's not always fun, coz you not always get the stuff you like. When I got Reissue's Unstoppable, I didn't know what to expect - and it was a nice surprise! I really dig it and so I asked for an interview which was done by email. Here we go!

Please tell us a bit about the beginning of Reissue! And why you choose this name!

The idea of a band was originally formed back in 2003, but with some major problems with band memebers quitting and starting, it wasn't until summer of 2006 the band line-up was as good as complete and things really began to spin. The mission was to bring back the sound of old school hard rock mostly from the 70's and the 80's which we all love. The music was better back in the days and we wanted to create more tunes in the same spirit. Thats pretty much why we chose the name Reissue.
Band line up: Marcus Sköld - Vocals, Viktor Mattsson - Lead Guitar, Svante Alvstam - Rhythm Guitar, Filip Hammar - Bass and Amandus Carlenfors - Drums.

Who had the idea for your logo - the winged guitar?

Haha, funny story... Our former drummer came up with the idea, but it was actually stolen from a commercial-ad for condoms where they had a winged condom. So we simply thought it would be cool to put in a guitar there instead. Then our bass player Filip modified and put the whole logo together.

Many bands would choose the easy way, but you choose to play classic rock which isn't today's trend.... Your EP is called Unstoppable, is that how you feel?

Hehe, in a way yes! We believe in our music and that we can take this to higher level. But originally, Unstoppable is taken from the chorus of the song Wings ('We're unstoppable'). Wings was for a while called Unstoppable, Marcus always thought it should be called that. Since it was the last song on the record we thought we could name the record that instead. Unstoppable indeed!

What band(s) / artist(s) inspired you to start playing music? And who are your main influences today?

All five members are into very different types of music, anything from Beatles to Meshuggah, anything from pop to grindcore. The type of classic hard rock we play is what all five of us really like.
To name a couple of important bands we were influenced by growing up: Guns N'Roses, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Nirvana, Metallica...
Today's bands we're influenced by: Tokyo Dragons, Hardcore Superstar, Foo Fighters, Nickelback, Hellacopters, Mustasch...

I saw that some of you named Crazy as your favorite Reissue song, which is your favorite of Unstoppable? And why?

Yeah Crazy! Thats a good one! That tune is from an old demo we recorded and is available for download on our website By the way all our tunes are available for download.
Regarding Unstoppable I think my favourite is Evil In You. It has this raw, heavy power when the drums kicks in and and I think we did a good job with the softer break that builds up to the solo... Another favourite is Save My Soul which I think have one of the best choruses I've ever heard. There is so much power and the vocal harmonies takes it even higher.

Unstoppable was done by Andy LaRocque who usually is doing heavier bands. Why Andy? And how did you get in touch with him? Convinced him to mix and master?

Before Marcus joined Reissue he played drums in a power metal band called Dreamland. Dreamland and Marcus recorded their debut album with Andy so when we started to look around for good people to work with Marcus contacted Andy. He liked our music and gave us a good deal.

The EP is out for awhile now, so are you already writing new songs? And do you write as a band or does someone comes up with an almost finished tune?

Yeah, we have hole bunch of new songs! Writing new songs is our mainfocus right now. Most of the time Svante or Viktor writes the music and Marcus writes the lyrics and vocal melody. Then the whole band contributes with arrangement ideas. But we also got songs were Svante or Viktor has written the whole song.

Who would you like to work with? Have as a guest on some future release?

We haven't really discussed that. In Gothenburg there's a lot of good bands, for example, Hardcore Superstar and Mustasch. I guess it would be cool to have Jocke Berg or Ralf Gyllenhammar from those bands on guest vocals at some track in the future.

Your music is 'designed' for the stage. But it seems you mainly play in your home town Gothenburg. No chances to play elsewhere? Is it difficult to get gigs in Sweden?

Wouldn't say it's hard to gigs in Sweden. If you´re good enough you can play live as much as you want. The reason we haven´t played outside Gothenburg is that we really haven't contacted clubs and venues in other parts of Sweden. Since we've had a couple of 'drummer-issues' during the last years we feel that our main focus should be to keep this line-up steady and write, rehearse and record new really good songs, but after that we'll definitely play outside Gothenburg as well.

Do you think that we need more classic rock channels - radio and TV - like it's in the States? It looks like there are still many people who love this music, but that there is no or almost no media here in Europe. Would you agree?

Sure, it's very important, with more alternative music-channels, the more the better! In Gothenburg we've just got a new big rock radio. Of course it plays just 'the big ones', but it's one step in the right direction. We've been on some student radio channel and think that´s a good way for up-coming bands to come out with their music.

Do you see a change in the music scene? Do you think classic rock will get popular again?

Classic rock has always been popular, but what defines as popular is usually what right now is in the mainstream media. When people get to fed up with Britney Spears, all that rnb-shit and other crap that's hyped today, once in a while there's always one or a couple of bands that starts a 'trend' and opens for other bands in their genre. Mainstream media here in Sweden plays band like Hardcore Superstar, Hellacopters, Backyard Babies, if not much, but still, it's not impossible to get that (and there by our) type of music into that type of media.

In the past you needed a professional video clip for the music TV channels, these days it seems that YouTube is the right platform for young bands. Will we sooner or later find you there? (I confess, I haven't searched there for you....)

Definitely! When we're finished with the next recording you'll be sure to find Reissue on YouTube.

What can we expect from Reissue in the next months? What's on your schedule?

Our schedule is based on writing new material. Hopefully you'll here it within early next year. We've also been asked to play a couple of shows in this autumn / winter, so we'll be hitting the stage, kicking ass as well.

Anything you want to add? Some question you miss? Then it's your turn to tell!

Thank you for your interest in our music, stay tuned and check out our new stuff, rock on!

Now you know a bit more about the Swedish and I hope you check them out!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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