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In Words: Reece

- David Reece - Aug. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- David Reece - Jan. 2010 - Gisela Schmitz -


David Reece - January 8th 2010 - Dormagen

David Reece was the singer of Accept and Bangalore Choir, last year he released a solo album called Universal Language. It's out for a couple of month, so let's hear what happened since and what's on his schedule for 2010.

The audio file is hosted at another website, you will be re-directed. The interview is approx. 14 minutes long.

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Gisela Schmitz


David Reece

David Reece - August, 10th 2009 (by email)

David Reece presents his first solo album Universal Language. Time to find out why he haven't done one earlier and how this one came to life.

When did you first thought about doing a solo album?

Hi Claudia, I've been wanting to do a solo record for a long time and have been writing songs for it for a few years.

How did you get in touch with Andy Susemihl?

I have known Andy since his time with U.D.O and a friend of mine here in Germany named Hanny told Andy I was in country and put us in touch with one another and we always admired each other musically so we made a plan to work together that was Halloween 08.

It seems that he had a lot influence on your album... He co-wrote the songs, played guitar and produced the album... How was working with him? And is it just the beginning of a lasting cooperation?

Andy is world class as a musician, producer and human being. It takes a special person to understand artists and how to bring out their best and I felt he understood my vision and I'm honored to have worked with him and actually we are writing at the moment for a follow up and a new Bangalore Choir record.

You wanted Stafan Schwarzmann to play drums, what if he wouldn't be able to do it? Did you have someone else in mind you would have asked?

A few came to mind, but I was willing to wait for Stefan as he's a monster talent! As well as an old friend.

Let's talk about the music.... How long did it take to write the songs?

As I said we started in the fall of last year and we finished writing in March of this year, but your never finished as a song writer at least I hope not to be!! Some songs come fast, others take time, if they are worthy of spending time on.

How much time did you spent on pre-production? And the final recordings?

Four months total. I've spent months and months on recordings before and if you can't capture the vibe immediately on a track it's probably not worth the hassle. lol !!!

At a solo album all songs are somehow special, but is there a story behind I'll Remember You? Or Rescue Me?

I'll Remember You is about past relationships some good, some bad kind of a summary of my experiences and Rescue Me is a story about a particular person who told many lies and basically I'm writing to get away from their shit!!

Which song would you like to make a video for?

I've written a story board for The River and We Were Alive both very interesting. The River is dark and We Were Alive has a bit of humor in it.

You took part at Voices Of Rock High & Mighty. What do you think about that kind of compilations in general? And why is Voices Of Rock your choice to take part?

This compilation to me holds up because Voss an Lausmann used quality singers and wrote quality songs some issues of this kind seem to be rushed, but these two guys are world class writers and producers and have made an excellent record which I'm honored to part of. And Georg Siegl asked me to participate thats how it happened and for that I'm grateful.

Have you heard the whole album? Is there another track you would have love to do?

The song Dirty Games was for me a perfect match, because my voice is dirty and raspy so it felt natural.

It seems that your life is linked somehow to Udo Dirkschneider for many years.... First you took over the mic at Accept from, now you work with members of his solo band... Destiny?

Well, let me say to fill Udo's shoes was an immense undertaking, because naturally the old fans were skeptical and new fans didn't know the difference. But with total honesty I can say Udo has and always will be a friend to me, because he showed me nothing but respect during those times! And the guys I work with well Udo is no dummy and I know talent when I hear it.

You also work again with German musicians, a German label... Do you have a special relation to Germany?

I'm married to a German woman and have always felt comfortable here and my largest fan base is here so that's the reason.

Any news about Gypsy Rose you can give us?

I've just co-written 5 tracks on the new Salute record which Martin Kronlund produced for Michael Erlandsson and we both feel that Gypsy Rose was a side project so we will put it to bed for now.
I'll always work with Martin as he is a class act and by the way I might be guesting on the new Phenomena record which Martin will also produce soon.

Any chance we will see you on the road soon?

Working on shows here in Europe for October and November, hope to hit the States early next year as well.

What else is on your schedule?

I'm currently writing a new Bangalore Choir record with Andy and John Kirk and John as matter of fact contributed to Universal Languge on The River and Yellow.

It's good to know that David Reece is planning to hit the road, coz this music have to be played live - and I hope I get the chance to see them live soon!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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