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In Words: Reece Kronlund

- David Reece - July 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

David Reece
David Reece

David Reece - July 8th 2011 (by email)

It seems that every year David Reece is presenting another great album... This time it's Reece Kronlund's Solid. Time to find out how Solid came to life. And what are their plans!

For a few years metal fans can expect an album from you every year... Gypsy Rose, Bangalore Choir and a solo album. This time you teamed up with Martin Kronlund, why this cooperation and not another Gypsy Rose album?

Since I've known Martin and worked with him on so many records I've come to know how special our musical relationship is. You see when we did the Gypsy Rose record Another World I realized something clicked. Writing with him is easy and we also share the same influences from our past. As far as Gypsy Rose we decided to put the group to rest for now and focus on writing Solid.

I guess, you enjoy working with Martin... Right chemistry? How long did you work together on Solid?

We spent around 2 months preparing and recording the whole record.

Are all songs on Solid been written for this album? Or are there some left overs?

No left overs, but two didn't make it on this album, and to me their great! The label didn't agree, but I'm thinking of releasing them for my next solo record.

Please tell us something about the cover artwork! And who did it?

Chris and Rich Voysey did it. It represents Janus the Roman God of time and for us with the child photos inside it represents our past and future. The Voysey Brothers are great and I highly recommend him if anyone needs artwork and layouts!

Why did you choose the album title Solid? The album is more than solid! ;)

Well thank you! I suppose it's because all the songs to us are exactly that, it feels like the record flows very well and all makes sense!

The opener is My Angel Wears White, who is this angel you talk about?

It's a word play on Bangalore Choir Angel In Black. Angel In Black was about a dark sinister woman and now she's a positive figure.

You have some guests on Solid, please tell us a bit about your guests! And how you find the right song for every guest?

To us a good song is a good song that's why you see Tommy Denander, Andy Susemihl, Sandra Peeters (great singer), Christian Tolle, Jon Wilde and Rikard Quist all of them are very talented and seem to understand what we were working towards musically. I also wrote with Brynn Arens who I'm actually writing and recording with right now so I hope to continue writing with these people and carry all of this further.

The songs on Solid vary a lot, but at the same time the album sounds homogenous - at least to me. What's the feedback you got for Solid?

Absolutely amazing! it seems we've struck a chord with the fans on this one and I'm very happy about it!

What song(s) would you like to do a video for?

Could This Be Madness would be nice, Angel and Samurai too!

Why the title Magic Pudding? What / who inspired you?

It's a song about having a liaison with a Cajun girl it's down and dirty and I like it! LOL!

At some songs - like Could This Be Madness and Magic Pudding - you sound a bit like David Coverdale to me... A compliment for you? Or are you growing tired of comparisons?

Actually no... I'll take that compliment any day, because obviously he's great and I have admired him most of my life.

What about Gypsy Rose? Will you do another album? Anything planned?

No, not at the moment but Martin and I are writing a follow up to Solid.

Do you plan another solo album? And what's going on with Bangalore Choir?

Were writing a new B.C. record now too! We have some eight songs finished so it's full steam ahead and we plan a new record to begin recording in the fall and yes, I'm also writing a new solo record too! I'm feeling really creative the last few years and like to keep the momentum flowing!!!

Will your fans get a chance to see you live? With any of your bands / projects?

Bangalore Choir are playing live dates in America in late August and Reece/Kronlund are working on fall dates for Europe at the moment.

What's next on your schedule?

As I said I'm writing a new record with Brynn Arens, we are doing it organically meaning no file sharing just rehearsing and writing as we go along. It's a little 70's style la Come Taste The Band and early Bad Company.

Looks like David's creativity is unlimited and that we will soon hear more from Mr. Reece - wether it's Bangalore Choir, Reece Kronlund or solo. Or what ever he's getting involved with next. But as long as all his releases on such a high lever, nobody will complain - at least not me.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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