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In Words: Red Hot Chili Peppers

- Red Hot Chili Peppers - October 2002 - Roberto Palmitesta -

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Oct., 6th 2002 - Press conference in Caracas (Venezuela)

For Flea: You have been considered as one of the best bass players in the world, so how do you feel about it? There are many people that would like to know which are your influences, so... Which are your main influences as a bass player?

Flea: Well, first of all I don't consider myself as one of the best bass players in the world, there are so many bass players better than me, but I appreciate the compliment. And about the influences there are so many bass player that I love like James Jefferson, John Paul Jones, John Wetton, Marcus Miller... There are so many bass players out there who defined a style by their own and that is something that I really admire.

After living the drama of drugs and after losing friends with the same problem what do you think about Latin America is the first drug producer and USA is the first consumer of these drugs?

John Frusciante: Is up to the people to deal with drugs, you can find ways to relaxing yourself making exercises and do Yoga, but it takes more effort. I think, something is inside people, the problem is in the people who take the drugs, the drugs came with God in nature, but is the men who take them.

What do you do to rebirth form ashes again and again and every time with more strength?

Anthony Kiedis: By not taking drugs! We love what we do and all have personal obstacles along the way and to face these problems make us stronger. We like to share our energy with the people and we have a lot of chemistry to do what we do, we like to work together and share our ideas.

There are many other artist that are working on humanitarian causes like Bono from U2 who is working to help many countries with problems like starvation. So, do you have in mind to work this way? To use your musical power to help mankind?

Flea: We are not politicians, but we are humanitarian, so find time to support causes that are important to us and to do things with our energy to try to make the world the best place as to live. We support a lot of organizations that way, but in general we think that the best way to contribute the most is to make people being happy on this planet is to take a great care of what we do and make the music we make as beautiful as it possible and from our hearts and with a lot of positive energy.

To John Frusciante: Please talk about your solo album that will be on sale on January 2003 on which Chad Smith will also take part on it as a drummer.

John Frusciante: It is the first time that I record a record with my songs and material that I wrote for myself, for me to sing in a study and Chad made a beautiful work playing drums on it. And we done all the music, but not the vocals and there is still a lot of work to be done, so I have to finished it. And It will be hard to make it ready for January, because we have so much touring, but this is my favorite album and there is a warm feeling on it and it is a very human record.

Did you have the chance to listen to Latin bands? Are you into Latin music? What do you think about our music?

Anthony Kiedis: We have been listening the salsa CD that Omar Santos recently did which we love.
Flea: We listen to a lot of Latin music and music with Latin influences. One of my favorite records of all times is Una ms by Kenny Duran. This is the record that I put on my wedding over and over again. This is one of the first Latin Jazz records and I love it and one of my favorite bass player of all times is Cachao, the great Cuban bass player and I have some of his records.

Which would be your next step? Do you have in mind another album and which would be its musical direction?

Anthony Kiedis: We are always taking different musical directions, we like to experience with different styles, but I think we will need a psychic to figure out our future. The music is always spontaneous in us and we don't know what would be our future.

Roberto Palmitesta


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