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On stage: Royal Hunt

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Royal Hunt - April, 10th 2002 - Verviers (B), Spirit of 66 -

At the moment the Danish-American band is on tour with Pretty Maids. Today the headliner has a day off and so John West and his mates decided to do a headlining show. A good reason to come to the Spirit of 66 in Verviers!
As a support they start with The Mission and so they did tonight! The small stage limited the stage acting, but not the fun! The first part of the set was the same they did every night opening for Pretty Maids, I soon recognized. It seemed that a few more people saw Royal Hunt with Pretty Maids and decided to see them doing a headlining show. So the band played Surrender, Wasted time, Lies, Running Wild, Day In Day Out, River Of Pain where John West came out as an red Indian chief and then Last Good-bye, but now it was time for some more!!! Time to slow down a little with the ballad Days Of No Trust. With Message To God they then speed up again. During the instrumental parts John was making jokes with his mates which also entertained the watchers. Flight was the last track of the regular set and which is known as a live version with John West from the CD The Watchers. The band left the stage and the fans shouted for more! They had to return for some more! First track of the encore was the instrumental Martial Arts, followed by Voices and Cold City Lights both from West's Royal Hunt debut Fear. Even with the limited space guitarist Jacob Kjaer and bassist Steen Mogensen changed places. And again they finished their set with Total Recall. It was obvious that the band has much more fun live nowadays.
But the fans didn't want to leave, they were shouting for more and so after a few minutes keyboarder and mainman André Andersen and singer John West returned to surprise the fans with an acoustic version of Follow Me! Amazing! I saw Royal Hunt several times in the past and personally I prefer them with John West as a singer, but that's no offense to D.C.! Anyway, I hope that it won't take 2 years until they are coming back and perhaps we will have the chance to see them more often as a headliner. Beside that there also is the chance that John West might return with Artension or his solo album... Or bassist Steen Mogensen might tour with his band Cornerstone... It depends on the album sales, but if they will tour, they surely will come back to Verviers!
Thanks to Francis Geron who gave us the chance to see the Danish-American quintet with a kind of headlining show! And please keep bringing great bands to the small stage of Spirit of 66!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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