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On stage: Ross The Boss

- Ross The Boss, Sinner & Gun Barrel - Nov. 2008 - Bochum (D) -

- Ross The Boss, Sinner & Gun Barrels -
- Nov. 22nd 2008 - Bochum (D), Matrix -

Another tour was hitting the road in November and tonight Sinner and Ross The Boss stopped in Bochum. Gun Barrel was hired to open on this double headliner tour and even if it was a Saturday night, not that many people made it to the Matrix. Guess, it was the concert overkill of the last weeks... And at the same time Sonata Arctica, Pagan's Mind and Vanishing Point were playing in Oberhausen... Unfortunately, coz I wanted to see Vanishing Point, but had to make a decision.
To be honest I'm not too familiar with Gun Barrel, but I can tell a bit. The four rockers entered the stage early and not too many gathered in front of the stage - and mainly it were their fans. I have no clue what song they opened up with, but during their set they played Mr. Devil, Roll Of The Dice, Lonely Rider and Outlaw Invasion. It was fun and while they played more people arrived.
Sinner live in BochumSinner entered the stage to present their latest album Crash & Burn live and they started into the set with the title track. From the first moment the fans were partying, it seems that many came to see Sinner... After Connection, a Thin Lizzy-like track from the current album they traveled back in time and presented Lost In A Minute off Comin' Out Fighting. And they continued with an old one - Born To Rock! People were having a good time and enjoyed to hear the old tunes and the new ones. After Born To Rock Mat Sinner stated "We decided that we want to have fun on this tour!" then he introduced their bar tender Neil Richards and they invited 2 girls onto the stage to sit at the bar and have a drink. It took a few minutes until they found 2 girls, most were hesitating. Time for some new tracks - Break The Silence and Heart Of Darkness -, especially Heart Of Darkness is live a killer and guitarist Henny Wolter added a solo. During the guitar solo drummer Klaus Sperling approached the bar for a drink. Next in line was Knife In My Heart followed by the single The Dog. Even live the single couldn't convince me, but in general the band did very well, even if Mat Sinner seemed to be a bit disappointed by the number of fans.... Well, too many tours these days and perhaps not the best package... Anyway, with Judgment Day they rocked the house and pushed a bit more with Fist To Face from Crash & Burn which enclosed a drum solo. The band gathered at the bar while drummer Klaus Sperling showed a powerful solo. The highlight of the Sinner show was the cover version of Billy Idol's Rebel Yell. Fans were loudly singing along and made a lot noise. Afterwards mainman Mat Sinner introduced his band and announced that they won't leave the stage to be called back for an encore. They just stayed and hit off Revolution. But with Germany Rocks they came to an end, tonight it was changed into Ruhrgebiet Rocks! A good set, even if I missed some songs, but well... Like for me Sinner were the real headliner for many fans and so even fewer people were watching Ross The Boss.
Ross The Boss band live in BochumThe former Manowar guitarist Ross The Boss is joined by the German band Men Of War, but not just for this album or tour, this line-up should last. They have only one album under the belt and are now on this co-headlining tour, so you could expect to hear at least most of the songs from New Metal Leader. After Blood Of Knives they headed into Death & Glory. Singer Patrick Fuchs welcomed the fans "Good evening Bochum! It looks like you are already at operating temperature!" Next they offered Plague Of Lies, Ross The Boss was always up-front trying to entertain the fans while singer Patrick was focussing on his vocals, but was still moving around. Patrick's vocals are more intense live and that's doing the songs good. Some fans already knew every song by heart, but for others that wasn't so important, they were here to have a good time. After God Of Dying Patrick told the audience that they would next play a song which they usually don't have in the set, but did in Spain and enjoyed it - Matador! Two more then it was time for Constantine's Sword and a guitar solo. But my highlight was the last song of the set Immortal Son, an epic tune. But they came back for an encore including I Got The Right and the bonus track of their debut Falling One By One. Then they were running out of time, but soon after they left the stage Ross and his Men Of War were at the merchandise booth to chat, take photos with the fans and sign whatever one wanted to have signed. If you haven't catch them now, they will return in 2009.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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