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On stage: Rhapsody / Rhapsody Of Fire / Luca Turilli's Rhapsody

Stratovarius, Rhapsody & Sonata Arctica - Apr. 2000 - Cologne (D) -
Stratovarius, Rhapsody & Sonata Arctica - Apr. 2000 - Tilburg (NL) -
W.O.A. - Aug. 2000 - Wacken (D) -
Rhapsody, Angel Dust & At Vance - Apr. 2002 - Antwerp (B) -
Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Freedom Call, Orden Ogan & Vexillum - Nov. 2012 - Bilboa (E) -

- Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, Freedom Call, Orden Ogan & Vexillum -
- November 14th 2012 - Bilbao (Spain), Sala Santana 27 -

First band of the night were Italian power metallers Vexillum. Vocalist Dario Vallesi was in top form, along with all of the other musicians, and he was never once off key. The sound was phenomenal for such an average venue and all of the band members were full of energy. It really was a shame that they had a relatively short set, but there were still three other bands to fit into a few hours.

Orden Ogan was the next band to grace this little back street in the Basque Country with its presence. As they casually walked out onto the stage in their outlandish attire, it was obvious that they were going to put on a good show, and they did indeed. 'Seeb' did another fine job on guitars and vocals, yet again, and Tobi's guitar prowess was not to be reckoned with. They knew how to get the reserved audience involved eventually, and it seemed that almost everybody had a really good time. They even socialized with the audience after the concert had finished, and they were a really friendly bunch.

After that were the legendary German power metallers (or 'happy metallers', as they call themselves) Freedom Call. Their stage show was astounding and apart from one or two mistakes the music was perfect, though something seemed off overall. They did not seem unhappy to be there, but they looked far from happy, too; tired is probably the best word. Despite the fact that they occasionally appeared worn-down, they really did seem to put their all into it. Chris Bay is an amazing musician, and this concert was no exception; Lars Rettkowitz probably overtook him in terms of guitar skill though. Even bassist Samy and drummer Klaus were top-notch, although the drums and bass could have done with being slightly louder. Overall, Freedom Call put on a fantastic show, but nothing could prepare for what was in store.

Last but certainly not least, the fantastic Luca Turilli's Rhapsody decided to blow the minds of everyone in the audience with their otherworldly brand of symphonic power metal. Unfortunately guitarist Dominique Leurquin suffered a major accident in October where he almost lost his hand on a circular saw, so he was understandably absent for the Ascending To Infinity Cinematic Tour. However, the presence of fabulous keyboardist Mikko Härkin and fantastic vocalist Sassy Bernert were still enough to make Rhapsody's performance out of this world. They played a wide variety of music, including tracks from the only Luca Turilli's Rhapsody album so far, Ascending To Infinity, some songs from Luca Turilli's old solo projects and of course plenty of Rhapsody (Of Fire). The promised cinematic experience was just that, with a wonderful video backdrop, plenty of outrageous costumes and a pretty decent laser show; they may not be a huge band, but it certainly felt like they were.

Even if you think that you are not a big fan of Luca Turilli's Rhapsody, try and go to a show - you will probably grow to love it soon enough...

Stephanie Malin


Rhapsody, Angel Dust & At Vance
- April, 11th 2002 - Antwerp (Belgium), Hof Ter Lo -

The Italian melodic power metal band is too big to play Vosselaar's Biebob and so Bob Schoemaekers booked them for Hof Ter Lo in Antwerp so that the Belgium fans got the chance to see them as well!
At 20:00 the German band At Vance entered the stage. The German sextet offer neo-classic metal with progressive elements. Even if they are on the road to promote their 4th album they are newcomers to most of the metal fans in Antwerp. The band of guitarist and mainman Olaf Lenk had just 30 minutes to make friends. Unfortunately I was still queueing for my photo pass when they started, I missed the first 2 songs... When I get in the band was playing the title track of their latest album called Only Human. The band had a decent sound, only the backing vocals could just be watched, not listened.... Singer Oliver Hartmann tried to heat up the audience and the first rows responded. Due to the limited time the band preferred to let the music do the talking and presented songs like Dragonchaser and Heart Of Steel, both title tracks of their previous releases. One more track and it was over...
After a 15 min. break the German power metal heads from Angel Dust entered the stage. The band started with the title track The Human Bondage of their latest release which is called Of Human Bon;dage. Soundwise it was their dog's day! But the band gave their best and usually they are one of the best German live acts, but hard to proof, if the sound is bad... Anyway, songs like Inhuman, Nightmare, Let Me Live, Border Of Reality and Disbeliever made the people bang! With their new guitarist Ritchie Wilkison they are more straight and it seems that they enjoy playing live more these days. Even if this wasn't their best show... Fans of Angel Dust recognized that on drums it wasn't Dirk 'Assi' Asmuth, he wasn't able to play this tour. He got replaced for the shows by Nick Seelinger who did a great job! They finished their set after 45 min. with Cross Of Hatred from Of Human Bondage. Even if they didn't fit into the package very well, they took the chance to introduce themselves to a larger crowd while touring with Rhapsody.
Now the fans waited about 30 min. before Italians opened their show with an intro. Using a scenery fitting to their fantasy metal to support their music visually and a lot of pyro technical effects to entertain the fans. Tonight the band was recording / filming the show for a live DVD and so they perhaps offered a little more than the other days.... With In Tenebris the band entered the stage and started in to a 90 min. journey through their recordings, the song is also the opening track on their latest release Power Of The Dragonflame. The band of mainman and guitarist Luca Turilli improved their stage acting since their tour with Stratovarius in April 2000. Promoting their 4th release they concentrated on songs from Power Of The Dragonflame. But not to forget the old tunes, their classics to make the live DVD a trip through their musical history as well. Songs like Emerald Sword, Wisdom Of Kings (of Symphony Of Enchanted Lands), Land Of Immortals, Legendary Tales (both from their debut Legendary Tales), Holy Thunderforce, Village Of The Dwarves (of Dawn Of Victory) and with Wizards Of Last Rhymes a track from the EP Rain Of A Thousand Flames made the fans sing along. Frontman Fabio Lione soon made the people shout and they went crazy after they got told that tonight's show was filmed! The regular set was finished with Wizards Of Last Rhymes. But the fans wanted more and they got more! The Italians came back for 4 tracks incl. Lux Triumphany, Dawn Of Victory, Power Of Dragonflame and Legends which ended the show with a big bang! The outro gave the signal that the show is over and the fans of Luca Turilli and his mates left satisfied. If you hadn't the chance to see them live, you have to wait until the DVD will hit the stores. And I guess that the fans of Rhapsody who were in Antwerp are impatient to see 'their' show live on DVD....

Claudia Ehrhardt


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