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On stage: Red Hot Chili Peppers

- Red Hot Chili Peppers - Oct. 2002 - Caracas (Ven) -

Red Hot Chili Peppers - October, 6th 2002 - Caracas (Venezuela)

A real miracle for the Venezuelan people was to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers on a local stage. To organize any kind of show is a kind Mission Impossible due to the delicate and dangerous situation this country is living, but the fans of RHCP show their loyalty and the agency responsible for the show Evenpro made a hard work on doing this concert possible, but their effort worth, because result was an attendance near to 40,000 people, a huge amount of fans singing with joy and dancing with the music of RHCP.
After listening a couple of short gigs from two local bands (Liqhet and Iguanas de Trapo), the people start to scream asking for RHCP, until they suddenly appear on the stage making the people scream in a frenetic way. The band opened the show the top single By The Way, all fans from all ages start jumping following the rhythm of the music. During an hour and a half the band spread their charm and their music, that excellent mixture of several styles like funk, hard rock, punk, hip hop and even psychedelic influences that is guiding the band to sell millions of records all over the planet.
The band during the whole show proofed their maturity gained on their career, there was a little bit of everything, jokes, dances, partnership, melancholy, improvised solos and lot of jumps. All band members are real showmen, specially Flea who always was joking with the crowd, of course he speak Spanish very well, so he could make a great relationship with the fans. He also showed a great scene playing bass jumping all over the stage and giving several short, but intense bass solos, something that left people's mouth open. You really have to see this guy playing to believe how marvelous he is playing bass. Anthony Kiedis showed what a great frontman he is, the kind of man able to put a crowd inside his pocket. The quality and the charm of his voice was there all the time, on every song. There was a moment at what he start dancing moving his ass in a Latin way, something that cause mass hysteria between women. On the other side John Frusciante give to the crowd a powerful performance with his guitar playing, he is definitely a player able to develop a thick and warm sound with a lot of feeling. Something difficult to find today, he is virtuoso when he has to be and he proofed all night, but he can also do simple things with a great meaning (Californication song for example).
Something common was to see the band joining around the drums and talking after every song, it's like they were talking about which song is next. The only bad thing of the show was the fact that they only played 13 songs in barely hour and a half, but at least the set list included a good compilation, specially from their two last albums Californication and By The Way. There were different kinds of songs, as I said before By The Way opened the show, one of the most diverse they ever wrote, but definitely RHCP are pretty good melody makers, because ballads and slow songs such as Other Side, I Could Have Lied, Zephyr Song and Universal Speaking (these two last ones from the last record) were listened making the people feel romance and melancholy and slow down their hearts beats.
In the other hand heavy and fast songs made the crowd jump and dance with joy and energy like the percussive one Can't Stop and Scar Tissue, there was a cover from The Ramones that was well received by the fans, and then Flea and Frusciante pull over the speed rhythmically with Parallel Universe. Of course they couldn't miss their anthems Californication, Give It Away (played with lots of power and flavor) and Under The Bridge, used to close the show. Improvisations also were there with funky rhythms, Flea singing punk stuff, Frusciante toying with his guitar and the band exchanging instruments (Flea on drums, Chad on guitar and Frusciante on bass).
RHCP came to Venezuela making honor to their name leaving a hot flavor on peoples mouth, a show that many will talk during the time. A show that proofed the quality and maturity of a band that never stop fighting and always climb higher, I just hope that RHCP come back to this country and to South America to keep moving us and charging us with their positive energy.

Roberto Palmitesta


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