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On stage: Reaper

- Reaper - July 2003 - Hamm (D) -
- Reaper & Blacksite - Nov. 2009 - Kassel (D) -

- Reaper & Blacksite - November 7th 2009 - Kassel (D), Fiasko -
Reaper: 25 Years Birthday & CD-Release Party

The fact that a band exists for a quarter of a century without any signs of disbanding is worth to be celebrated. And if you release also an album - in this case Gardens Of Seth -, then it's time for a special event!
And so Reaper invited to celebrate their 25th anniversary at Nov., 7th 2009 in the hometown Kassel at the club Fiasko. This event should mark the end of the first 25 years of Reaper. Blacksite were opening up and the band of former Reaper singer Thomas 'Benny' Bennecke warmed up the audience with about an hour of modern heavy metal á la U.D.O. and Judas Priest. Wherever these guys will play, if you like heavy metal, then you shouldn't miss them! Great show!
After a few introducing words of an actor Reaper kicked off with Into the Gardens of Seth and they had a few surprises for their fans. The current line-up - Daniel Zimmermann (guit, voc), Matthias Kraft (bass), Thomas Buchenau (guit) and Jan Breede (dr) - played the whole new album Gardens of Seth. This angry, heavy piece of metal showed that Reaper can keep up with every youngster when it comes to aggression and the joy of playing.
The ultimate highlights were Leviathan and Revolution which are definitely the best songs ever written by Reaper. Next in line Erlkönig where Maximilian, the 12 years old son of Reaper bassist Matthias joined the band and shared vocals with Daniel. Kudos! It needs courage to get on stage in front of about 200 people! After the doomy Light Of Anger there was a short break which was followed by an acoustic part. They kicked off with the superb instrumental Al Andaluz of the new album and acoustic cover versions of Manowar's Hail And Kill, Judas Priest's Desert Plains and Rainbow's Temple Of The King.
Time to speed up again, to go full force! The 3rd part of the show was a best-of which songs from all stages of their 25 years long career - incl. some guests. Armin Eichenberg (Mesmerized) sang Wardrums, Dirk Schneider (Reflector) Flight Of The Nazgűl and Florian Bauer (Burden Of Grief, Hellforce) did a duet with Daniel at Wonders In The Dark - very cool! A memorable experience was Lucifers Rising where Benny (now Blacksite), Andreas Maus (guit), Peter Fickert (dr) joined Matthias and Daniel - and so the original Reaper line-up from 1984 was on stage! Benny sang their classic Rising From The Sea off the 1990's album Beyond All Time as well as the Priest cover Breaking The Law. After about 2 ½ hours the party ended and the people were satisfied. And for just 8 Euro they really got value for money! You really missed a great show! Resume: Reaper are still alive and kickin'! And they are still hungry to play. Heavy metal is king!

Leif Lohne
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


Reaper - July, 18th 2003 - Hamm (D), Tenne

To be honest, the name Reaper didn't ring a bell when a friend told me that they'll play in Hamm. I know the town, to get there with public transport is easy, but to get back... Well, even if Dortmund isn't far, it's a trip. I told him about my problem. He should go to the show with the band to do photos and they agreed to drop me after the show at the station in Dortmund. Thanks again!
So, I had the chance to see them. Actually they picked me up at the station and so I was there during the sound check and when they been at the Italian restaurant next door, we chatted a little.
Unfortunately just a handful of fans come tonight - there was the Steel Meets Steel festival in Dortmund (as someone told me) and there was some kind of fest in Hamm - and so it was more like a rehearsal for the band. During the set the band from the Kassel area played some songs of their Elements MCD. In a way they remind me of a mixture of old Grave Digger / Rage.... Anyway, guitarist and singer Daniel Zimmermann did a good job. He's an excellent guitarist and even if not a great singer did a good job. He got supported by bassist Matthias Kraft and guitarist Michael Kauba. The set included the some tracks from Elements like The Raven and Azrael. Especially The Raven remind me of Grave Digger, guess it's mainly the vocals of Dan. The track is a really heavy mid-tempo song which after a break speeds up and becomes an up-tempo power metal tune, but also has some fast double bass drumming. Surely they are more complex then Grave Digger or Rage been in the early days! At all it could be said that Reaper cross borders of true metal, heavy metal and power metal and also add some speed metal parts. The song Azrael starts heavy, mid-tempo again, then after a break slows down, almost balladesque before the chorus is back to mid-tempo. The chorus is catchy. A surprise was the song Erlkönig which uses the poem of Theodor Storm for the lyrics and is based on a heavy tune. Very unusual and so really interesting! With Nemesis they also a track which couldn't be found on Elements. A track with a fast double bass drum, a faster one. Built a contrast to the slower ones. Another surprise is that Reaper covered a Kate Bush song! Wuthering Heights was already covered by a metal band - Angra. This cover version is also on Elements. This time is a slow, almost doomy version. Interesting. At the end of their set the band offered another cover tune - Breaking The Law of Judas Priest. A smart decision was to do it in a different style, coz Dan isn't able to sing this tune in Halford style. It was heavy and slow, the band did it in a kind of Type O'Negative sound. Cool.
Surely the band was a little disappointed that just a few metal fans showed up, but they made the best out of this. That they are a good live band documents that they play in the area of their hometown in front of a few hundred fans! Hope to see more metal fans next time!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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