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On stage: Rata Blanca

- Rata Blanca - Oct. 2002 - Medellin (COL) -

Rata Blanca
- October, 14th 2002 - Medellin (Colombia), El teatro de la Universidad de Medellin -

At last Rata Blanca, after a briefly break-up at the end of the millennium is a good come back for one of the most beloved Argentinean metal bands in Latin-America, the 'reunion' we're talking about includes longtime members: Adrián Barilari (voc), Walter Giardino (gui), Guillermo Sanchez (bass), Hugo Bistolfi (keyb) and the ex-Logos drummer Fernando Scarcella, all of this through a tour and a new CD called El Camino del Fuego (2002), after this short intro let's get into the concert. We arrived at 4:30 p.m., it was planned to begin at 5:30, with 2 local bands. Rata Blanca was first and began at 7:00 p.m. aprox. The place was El teatro de la Universidad de Medellin, the stage was adorned behind with 2 'medieval' white horses banners and the band was placed old Rainbow / Deep Purple style, you know drummer center, keys & bass on left, guitar right, this gig was classic in all. Sometimes I felt like I was in a 70's concert, what I enjoy a lot, the sing a long, the clap your hands, I really like that, in this times of 'Nu' metal and no musicianship. Talking of playing, Walter Giardino can be one of best guitar players today in the Yngwie-Blackmore Stratocaster-style, the man has clean speed and feeling as well, the guitar solo in the song Noche Sin Suenos was the first to send shivers down my spine, his solo spot which included classical pieces really smokes, there was also a keyboard-piano solo that people interacted, the highlights of the night included, La Leyenda del hada y el Mago which people went crazy and Mujer Amante that Adrian let people sing from begin;ning to end, others songs: from the first record Solo Para Amarte, the ecologist based Guerro del Arco iris, Los ojos del Dragon, a medley of Smoke On The Water with a Hendrix Voodoo Child interlude, the new Volviendo a casa, etc. All in all a perfect concert for a rainy Monday night, what else could you be doing?

Andres Jimenez


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