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On stage: Rammstein

- Rammstein & Combichrist - Jan. 2010 - Esch sur Alzette (L) -

- Rammstein & Combichrist - January 31st 2010 - Esch sur Alzette (L), Rockhal -

Actually the concert should have been on 4th December 2009 but due to the health of singer Till Lindemann, the show had been rescheduled to 31st January. It could not be more bad. Weather conditions were as bad as in northern Europe. So we were on our way to Luxemburg's Rockhal at 3 PM and did arrive at 6 PM. We were waiting one hour in the freezing cold of an blizzard and finally at 7 PM we made it to the hall. First start with support Combichrist. I didn't knew them before, but it is a sort of electro / dark wave goth. I don't like this kind of music, but I have to say that listening to this kind of music live is really cool! Rammstein - live in EschIt also seemed so that the fans liked them. I can not name a song, but at their last track, they destroyed their two drum kits on stage.
So what can I say about the show of Rammstein? It was amazing. It was great. It was the best sound I ever listened to on a gig. It was the best light show I ever saw. It was the best pyro show I ever saw. It was the best performance I ever saw. It was Rammstein! Man there is nothing more to say.... For the first track Rammlied they destroyed a wall on stage. Or take Wiener Blut: It was dark and from the top of the stage you saw many green lasers slowly going down.Rammstein - live in Esch When the lights turned on you recognized that there were 24 small baby puppets each hanging on a single rope with lasers in their eyes. Later the song they were blown up one by one. I won't describe any song, because I think that words can not explain what I felt or saw. The sound was as amazing! You could listen to every single note, Till sang really clear and the bass blew me away (at the end of the hall!).Rammstein - live in Esch They changed the whole back and head of the stage at every single song. I never saw that much pyro effects on stage somewhere. Half of songs they played were from the new album, but they were as great live as the old ones. I think everyone who knows the band or their show knows what I mean. If you want to get a little taste, just check their Live DVD Völkerball. I think that their actual show is much more better and complicated than the (also amazing) show on DVD. Every time again!


Keine Lust
Waidmanns Heil
Weißes Fleisch
Feuer Frei
Wiener Blut
Frühling in Paris
Ich tu dir weh
(with original lyrics which are forbidden in Germany)
Liebe ist für alle da
Links 2,3,4
Du hast
Ich will

Philip Thelen
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