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On disc: Rustfield

Kingdom Of Rust - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Kingdom Of Rust

Kingdom Of Rust
(Massacre Records - 2013)

Rustfield is a band from Italy which is now presenting their debut Kingdom Of Rust. Mastermind Davide Ronfetto and his mates are based in prog rock / metal which they spice up with a bit of melodic metal.

The opener Among The Fields Of Rust is the opening track, a tune with symphonic elements next to heavy guitar riffs and powerful vocals. Singer Andrea Rampa is doing very well, but the high notes and screams don't work out perfectly. Something he should work on. The opener is about 7 minutes long and gives them time to tell the story and so the last third of the tune shows a different facet. They add some electronica sound elements and Andrea Rampa gentle vocals take you onto a sonic journey. A bit art rock-ish begins Waxhopes, but it's switching between the art rock sound and melodic metal. A roller coaster ride which includes a power metal passage. Reminds me slightly of Threshold and Arena...

The following songs Losing Time and Love Moan are slow tunes and based in rock. Here Andreas Rampa sings with a deeper timbre - and this is much better. The heavy, grooving Burning The Air shows another facet as it combines melodic groove metal with electronica, prog elements and powerful vocals.

In the middle the album is getting a bit lengthy. The album might have been stronger, if Sacrifice and Social Contract would have been taken off... Perhaps it's just me.

A slow enchanting tune is The Secret Garden just to go melodic metal with Run With Me. Out Of The Blue is another riff-based tune, but very melodic and peppered up with some electronic elements. At this one the guitar play sticks out and shows well the talent of the instrumentalists. With High Waters the album comes to an end, the long track slowly develops, but with 11+ minutes there is enough time. Its cinematic sound of the first half is taking you into the world of Rustfield, but also has some twists and turns to offer and later becomes a riff-based melodic prog metal tune. Well, there is Rustfield, but it takes about a minute of silence before you hear some distant noises... No idea what this is for.

Rustfield delivered a decent debut, they have the potential to make it, but need to work on a few things. Looking forward to hear more of them Italians!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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