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On disc: Rush

- In Rio (DVD) - Monika Schmidt -

In Rio (DVD)

In Rio (DVD)
(Sanctuary - 2003)

Recorded in 2002 in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil on their last show of the Vapor Trails tour. The double DVD offers more then 170 minutes of music with a bril­liant light, laser and video show. The songs are the same as on the 3CD set - see be­low. The set list has all the important songs of their career. Fantastic is the 8-minute long drum solo of Neil Peart. On the 2nd disc are 3 tracks as multi-angled version - YYZ, O Baterista and La Villa Strangiato. Beside that there are 2 hidden bonus clips and a more then 1 hour long tour documentation incl. interviews with all band members! Also a photo gallery and other stuff. A 16 page booklet with liner notes by Neil Peart is included. A must buy for Rush fans and all fans of prog rock!
The DVD is a Code 2 / PAL one with Dolby Digital 5.1 - at least the version I got.

Track list:
  1. Tom Sawyer
  2. Distant Early Warning
  3. New World Man
  4. Roll The Bones
  5. Earthshine
  6. YYZ
  7. The Pass
  8. Bravado
  9. Big Money
  10. The Trees
  11. Freewill
  12. Natural Science
  13. Closer To The Heart
  14. One Little Victory
  15. Driven
  16. Ghost Rider
  17. Secret Touch
  18. Dreamline
  19. Red Sector 'A'
  20. Leave That Thing Alone
  21. The Rhythm Method
  22. Resist
  23. 21 12
  24. Limelight
  25. La Villa Strangiato
  26. The Spirit Of Radio
  27. By-Tor & The Snow Dog
  28. Working Man

Monika Schmidt(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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