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On disc: Runrig

50 Great Songs - Gisela Schmitz -

50 Great Songs

50 Great Songs
(Sony Music - 2010)

For 30 years Runrig are enchanting their fans with songs which combine modern pop rock with traditional Scottish folk. They perfectly demonstrated this at the legendary open-air at Loch Lomond where they played in front of 50,000 fans. Their anniversary concert at Stirling Castle was sold out. Runrig started their career as a typical folk band, but since 1973 they became a pop rock band and reached cult status - not just among their fans. At the end of 2007 their tune Loch Lomond - the unofficial Scottish hymn - entered the British Top 10 in a remix version. Last year Runrig toured Germany and played in front of 100,000 fans. And now they present a collection of their songs on 3 CDs and a DVD. 50 Great Songs includes 34 best-of songs, 16 songs in Gallic and a DVD which offers 11 live tracks. The songs been chosen after they questioned their fans - and as a bonus you get some previously unreleased live recordings. The box isn't just interesting for fans, it also gives a good idea about how the band sounds these days.

Track list

CD 1:
1. One Man
2. This Day
3. Clash Of The Ash (album version)
4. Life Is (album version)
5. And The Accordions Played
6. Running To The Light (radio edit)
7. One Thing (album version)
8. Book Of Golden Stories (album version)
9. The Ship (edit)
10. The Stamping Ground (edit)
11. The Wedding
12. In Search Of Angels
13. In Scandinavia
14. The Message (edit)
15. Atoms
16. May Morning (edit)
17. Dance Called America (live)
18. Flower Of The West (live)

CD 2
1. Year Of The Flood
2. The Old Boys
3. Empty Glens
4. Gabriel's Sword
5. Roadtrip
6. Mighty Atlantic
7. Hearthammer
8. Edge Of The World
9. Pride Of The Summer
10. Hearts Of Olden Glory
11. The Ocean Road
12. Proterra
13. Every River
14. Big Sky
15. Protect And Survive
16. Skye

CD 3 (Gallic songs)
1. Abhainn An T-Sluaigh
2. Oran
3. Sona
4. An Dealachadh
5. An Sabhag Aig Neill
6. Siol Ghoraidh
7. An T-Tasgair
8. Chi Mi'n Geamhradh
9. An Toll Dubh
10. Faileas Air An Airigh
11. Alba
12. Canada
13. An Ubhal As Aride (The Highest Apple)
14. Pog Aon Oidche Earraich
15. Cho Buidhe Is A Bha I Riabh
16. Cum'Ur N'aire

Disc 4 - DVD:
  1. Siol Ghoraidh
2. Hearts Of Olden Glory
3. Intro
4. Beat The Drum
5. Proterra
6. Ocean Road
7. Protect And Survive
8. Skye
9. Clash Of The Ash
10. Edge Of The World
11. Loch Lomond

Gisela Schmitz
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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