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On disc: Runemagick

- Requiem Of The Apocalypse - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Requiem Of The Apocalypse

Requiem Of The Apocalypse
(Aftermath Music - 2002)

The Swedish band did a step into the limelight when they signed with Century Media a few years ago. Later they parted ways and after several months the quartet signed with Aftermath Music. They wanted to be signed to an underground label who believes in what the band is doing.
If you don't know the band then you should listen to Temple Of Skin and Beyond Life to get an idea. The band of guitarist and singer Nicklas Rudolfsson offers riff-orientated doom death metal. For the powerful rhythm drummer Daniel Moilanen and bassist Emma Karlsson are responsible, the basis were guitarists Nicklas Rudolfsson and Fredrik Johnsson add their powerful riffing. The songs are interesting structured with breaks and the deep voice of Nicklas Rudolfsson whose growls are giving the music the death metal touch make it interesting to listen to. This is more dark then death metal! Songs are almost written by mastermind Rudolfsson who shows his quality as a songwriter as well as a guitarist on this album.
After the instrumental Bells Of Death they kinda start the second part of the album with Funeral Caravan which starts with some bells and which lyrics are written in the perspective of the dead... The corpse. The song The Secret Alliance starts with synthesiser sounds before the band joins in, here Nicklas sings with a more clear voice and it's more spoken words then sang, but fits pretty good to the doomy tune. Also they used some effects on the vocal line which gives it a special touch, makes it really interesting to listen to.
This is nothing for fans of hyper-fast death metal, this is more for fans of the slower death metal and of dark metal. Actually I have to say that this album I like more then their last output! It seems that it was the right decision to sign with an underground label for this band. They probably won't make I big, but they have the skill and their own sound. It'll be the decision of the fans, if they buy the 10th clone of some big names or to spend money for a more then decent album of an underground band like Runemagickl... If you want my advice, choose this one!
Btw, this album is also released on vinyl and as a picture vinyl album!

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Claudia Ehrhardt


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