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On disc: Jordan Rudess

- Feeding The Wheel - Amir Djawadi - 5 stars

Feeding The Wheel

Feeding The Wheel
(Magna Carta - 2001)

It's no secret to fans of the genre that Dream Theater is a gathering of technical brilliant and highly creative musicians. During the last years it become a trend in the music business to record solo albums or side-projects with other musicians beside their main bands. A progress which also effected Dream Theater and so every band member of the New York prog metalheads has at least one project. At least it has to be said that the band of shouter James LaBrie released just high class records when they follow other musical paths.
Now it is time for the 'new' keyboarder of the New Yorkers - Jordan Rudess. With 11 tracks and more then 60 min. running time Jordan Rudess offers on his solo album Feeding The Wheel more then just decent quality. The keyboard virtuoso was supported on the strings by bassist Billy Sheehan and guitarists John Petrucci and Steve Morse. A main element for the wholeness of the album are the drum parts of Terry Bozzio. This is an instrumental album which has just a few spoken word parts to loosen the picture.
This studio album of the Dream Theater keyboarder is a high level musical picture which shows the enormous creativity of the composer and the ostensible unlimited ability to realize the artistic idea.
Different musical styles are connected by melody bows which keep the album interesting in it's entirety. Progressive parts are lead into jazzy party and classical key runs add an orchestral undertone. Sometimes contemplative, then cheerful and racy. Compositions with a lot of emotions which are really touching.
Unfortunately it seems that we will never get the chance to listen to this musical output live, but who wants to see the master of the black & white keys on live action has the chance at the European tour of Dream Theater in spring 2002. Meanwhile this silver disc will help you the kill the time until they come to your town.

5 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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