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On disc: RPWL

- The RPWL Experience - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The RPWL Experience

The RPWL Experience
(InsideOut Music - 2008)

The German art rockers of RPWL present their new album The RPWL Experience which is their 5th studio album. Their debut God Has Failed was released back in 2000 and achieved good response. Within the prog rock scene they soon found a fan base.
The album kicks off with Silenced, a almost 10 minute long track. A relaxed Floyd-ish art rock tune with the warm voice of Yogi Lang. The passage with acoustic guitars and Yogi's vocals also has a bit of Supertramp... But then they return to some more proggish parts and sounds - and some distorted vocals. It's the twists and turns, the different sounds which keep it interesting. The following Breath In, Breath Out is just short of 4 min., melodic and could be described as art pop, coz it's closer to some pop tune then a rocker. Quite entertaining. More riff-based is Where Can I Go, but still quite melodic. A nice tune, but not very catchy... and so it needs several spins to develop. What makes the song interesting in my opinion is the spoken word parts, but lately this element is kinda overly used. A light rock tune is This Is Not A Prog Song which is a nice idea, but disturbs a bit the flow of the album. And it's too long. With heavy riffs Stranger kicks off, but soon it gets more prog - with some mellotron sounds and a bombastic edge. Actually one of my favorite songs, but it's the stranger among the other tunes, so to speak.... With Choose What You Want To Look At is another one which sticks out... Its more an alternative rocker...
RPWL as we know them. The songs are well played, but some parts are putting to length... Fans of the Bavarians will get their copy anyway, others can check out any song, but This Is Not A Prog Song and Stranger will lead you astray!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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