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On disc: Royal Republic

All Because Of You (EP) - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

All Because Of You (EP)

All Because Of You (EP)
(On Fire - 2010)

Royal Republic are from Malmö (Sweden) and the quartet was founded in 2007, they wrote some songs together and started recording in 2008. With All Because Of You they have a single released in Sweden which gets them some airplay and is an appetizer for their upcoming debut album We Are The Royal. They just toured in Germany with the Donots and some shows in their home country will follow. Now they have an EP called All Because Of You which they only sell at their shows - as far as I know. Musically the four Swedes are kicking off with the title track, a rock tune with a dash of 80's electro pop and a punk attitude. President's Daughter is another rocker with pop / punk elements, but this one is catchier. Then they head into a Madness-like ska tune called Walking Down The Line. A surprise and a quite entertaining one! And with 21st Century Gentlemen they offer a punk rock song and they will soon hook you up! Towards the end the song it gets a bit chaotic... Then they storm off into the short The Royal. Another punk rocker with a bit ska added to the mix. Fast, dirty and with gang shouts.... And before you really get into this madness, it's over.
Well, Royal Republic isn't a band which offers innovative sounds, but they combine rock with punk and ska in a refreshing way. It really sounds like they have fun and so it's easy to get caught up in their sound. Looking forward to hear more of Royal Republic!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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