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On disc: Roulette

Better Late Than Never - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never
(YesterRock - 2011)

YesterRock once again is releasing an album which initially way released by AOR FM in 2008, but due to the limited number of copies sold out quickly. And like Swedish band Pride their fellow countrymen Roulette play AOR. Roulette was founded in the mid-80's, they released a single (Fool For Your Love) and toured with e.g. Treat and Lionshare. In 1990 they changed the name and became Cherry Red, signed a deal with CBS. They recorded an album with producer Per Bloom, but only the single Only The Strong was released. Due to problems with the label the band disbanded, but continued making music as a Def Leppard cover band.

A choir leads you into the album which is kicked off with the single Only The Strong. The song shows elements of Scandinavian AOR as well as a dash of Def Leppard... Run Girl is more the American variety and would have got a lot airplay back then. After Run Girl they add some heavy riffs to the title track Better Late Than Never, reminds me a bit of Foreigner - with a dash Treat. A melancholy balladesque rocker is Evangeline. These days it sounds a bit too polished, but when it was recorded it was just that way. The keyboard-laden Give Me Some Affection reminds me a lot of Europe - in their early days. Pure fun. One of my favorites is Hearts Keep On Burning, a catchy track with heavy riffs and soaring vocals. Another great one is So Far So Good, this would have got lots of airplay in the early 90's and so it's hard to get why CBS never released this album. With Bittersweet Love they present a pop rock tune which surely would have got some attention and would have competed with Michael Bolton & co. Another highlight is Reachin For You. Call My Name is a bit repetitive, but Turn Me On is making up for it, a heavy, riff-based rocker! Which is a good closer, but this release has 2 bonus tracks! The first one is called Waiting For A Heartache which make me wonder why this one didn't make it onto the original album. A catchy tune which invites you to join in for the refrain. The other bonus track is another version of Turn Me On, more the late 70's / early 80's sound with Hammond organ and so reminds me a bit of Whitesnake... Deep Purple. As I always loved that sound I prefer the bonus track, but it's a great tune - just a matter of taste what one prefers.

Thanks to YesterRock for making this album widely available. Fans of Scandinavian AOR get your copy now!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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