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On disc: Rottweiller

- Rage Of War - Jörg Petersen - 7 stars

Rage Of War

Rage Of War
(Hellion - 2004)

The first step into limelight the Seattle-based band did back in 1984 with a track at Northwest Metalfest - Metal Church did debut there, too. Guitarist Ricky van Zandt and his mates recorded their debut Screams Of The Innocent back in 1986, but it took about 16 years til it got released! The follow-up made it quicker in to the stores and so you can now listen to a more up-to-date album called Rage Of War. With Martin Morin they have a new singer - Ronny Munroe moved on and is now a member of Metal Church -, but with Martin they have a powerful shouter who adds some aggression to his part. His vocals fit well to the 80's sound of Rottweiller and yes, the band sounds very much like all the old metal gems you know from that days. And that's partly their problem, coz they sound backdated. But there are still many metal fans who love the 80's metal and listen frequently to the early releases of Metal Church, Omen and Nasty Savage and these fans will dig this one!
With opening Rage Of War has an aggressive edge while F.O.P. is an epic tune. A fast one is Hell To Pay and will probably suit thrash fans, too.
So, if you love 80's metal, then get yourself this one!

7 stars

Jörg Petersen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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