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On disc: Rootwater

Visionism - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Mystic Production - 2010)

ROOTWATER /ru:twa:t'r/ from root (a tree or plant root, meaning also a base or to seek something) and water (the most common and primary liquid, a foundation of life); 1) an attitude, a principle of an emotional process supposed to capture the basic, primal patterns of the harmony of sounds and to use them to affect the listener in a most efficient manner; 2) musical lava of various emotional tint, taking shape of pulsating, primal patterns according to the doctrine its based on; 3) a person or a group of persons engaged in researching and practicing (1) and (2). - taken from the band's MySpace.
The band was founded 2002 in Warsaw, they released several albums and an EP through the years and played a lot live - mainly in their home country. Now the Polish quintet is presenting their 4th full-length album - Visionism - outside Poland where the album was released in June 2009.
After the intro they show with Venture that they are crossing boarders, even if their sound make you think of System Of A Down and Mike Patton... I have to think of Lard somehow, even if I have no idea why... The melodic vocal parts of Taff - also Black River - reminds me partly of Nick Holmes... But all these similarities are just fragments of their sound, and all the name dropping won't give you the slightest idea of what to expect! Living In The Cage is based on a heavy groove, but has symphonic elements next to fat riffing and the vocals vary from shouts to growls to melodic clean vocals. You can find a video for this one at YouTube, so check it out! At Frozenthal they surprise you with some folk elements. At other songs you'll find Oriental sound elements, the spectrum of sounds is large.
Rootwater's crazy mix reminds me in a way of Candiria who also dared to combine sounds in an unique way - even if their sound is totally different. It's good to see that musicians try something new, taking the risk of getting ignored by fans and media.
Musically the fivesome offer complex music with melody and groove, so it's no musical fast food! The songs are bulky and need time to grow, even if they will spark some interested on the first spin. Music for the open-minded music fan who likes heavy sounds!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


           2008-2010 by Claudia Ehrhardt • E-Mail:

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