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On disc: Andy Rock

Into The Night - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Into The Night

Into The Night
(AOR Heaven - 2012)

Some might know Andy Rock as the singer of Wild Rose, now he presents a solo album called Into The Night. He plays all but drums himself, so it's truly a lot of effort he put into the album.

The keyboard-laden Love Is Not A Game shows his love for 80's AOR, the keyboard is dominating the songs, but the guitar leads are memorable and make me wish the guitars would have got more space... Andy Rock has a voice which seems to be perfect for radio-friendly rock, but he wouldn't stick out. Not every singer has a unique voice like Bryan Adams, but it would do the songs good if the vocals would have an edge. Lonely Heart starts slowly and first I thought an acoustic version would work better, but then the song gets a little heavier and becomes a power ballad. Still the songs work better when the guitar is more prominent... Even if songs like Lonely Heart should please every fan of Richard Marx, it's songs like Cryin' Every Night (In The Rain) which are more guitar-based and stick out. I Wanna Be With You becomes a bit repetitive towards the end, but still not a bad one. One of my favorites is Waiting For Your Love, even if the keyboard is dominating, the guitars can keep up. Additionally Andy Rock's vocals show more facets. At the instrumental Emotions the guitar has all the space it needs and can create a dreamy atmosphere. Afterwards Mr. Rock presents a keyboard-laden rocker Out On The Streets and closes the chapter with the title track Into The Night, another rocker. And this time it's a riff-based tune which supports my intention that more guitar-based songs would do the album good. The keyboard is still prominent, but it isn't dominating the song. And due to the heavy riffs the song gets a different dynamic.

This is a decent AOR album, but Andy Rock has to develop his own style, a trademark sound. At some songs you can detect a bit of what might come... Please give the guitars more space next time!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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