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On disc: Roarback

Face The Sun - Wojtek Michalak - 7 stars

Face The Sun

Face The Sun
(self released - 2012)

Roarback is a young band from Denmark. Their music can be described as a form of a modern thrash metal with firm death metal foundations. In other words, the listener should get his ears ready for a really aggressive band.

Their stuff is extremely hard to find and therefore, the band remains in deep metal underground, known only to the most persistent metal fans. I hope that this situation will soon change, as the EP I am about to review, reveals enormous musical potential of the band.

I believe that greatest advantage of this album – entitled Face The Sun – is that it is really diverse. Fast, aggressive parts (Warmachine) intertwined with powerful breakdowns (just listen to the title track) and slow, powerful riffs just ideal to get your head into a proper moshing action (My World); not to mention amazing guitar solos!

The guitar sound is really, really good; so heavy at times that it can easily be described as a sonic kick in the face. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about the drums, especially the snare, which – in my opinion – sounds a bit like hitting a metal can. In addition, there are moments where the vocals sound a little 'out of mix'.

Overall, we are dealing here with a very solid EP. I am sure that I will reach out for it again in the future. Yet, there is a feeling of insufficiency lingering while listening to Roarback's new EP. This music is like a diamond in the rough. The band has enormous playing potential, great skills and – as I believe – fixed vision of its music. However, when the last notes of Face The Sun fade out, you just can't help thinking something like – "Hey, that's it? I want more!". When this band spreads its wings – and it will happen soon – Denmark will unleash a full scale metal assault on the rest of the world. I wish Roarback best of luck and will follow the development of their career with great care. You all should too!

7 stars

Wojtek Michalak


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