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On disc: Roachclip

NightFalls - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars


(Pure Rock Records - 2012)

When Roachclip has only released 3 albums in 26 years it means that the band members have been working on other projects in the meantime, but they came back with an album in 2009, and have focused their energy on Roachclip ever since. Now it's time again for the experienced Germans, and the album NightFalls gives the fans a very good CD where they go back to the sounds of the 80's as a backbone in their music, this is what they really know. It can always be discussed why they mix the songs with slow acid like ones and heavy metal / hard rock songs on the other hand. But let us be glad about what they come with after all. Singer Sven Bauer has a singing style that reminds of Blaze Bayley, and it suits the songs greatly that he do a serious vocal job, and on the opening song No Reason they are getting some inspiration from Judas Priest in a song which is both melodic and very competent heavy metal, a wonderful way to start a new album. Buffalo is slower, a bit silent but filled with charm, and a good guitar solo gives it an extra twist. It Is You is the next great song present with fine guitar work to define how a solid heavy rock song should be played. Poison Blonde is a super tight rhythm with an intense atmosphere, you can almost feel the speakers vibrate when this song flows out. Suck Duck Rockin' is a happy traditional hard rock fest where the inspirations from AC/DC is marvelous, more of that please. It is clear that the band has a good internal understanding and friendship, always give better music when everything works fine.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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