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On disc: Riverain

The Dream - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The Dream

The Dream
(self-released - 2009)

The band was founded early 2003 and had to go through changes as almost every band. This single was recorded by singer Anastasia Ligotskaya and Daniel Seriy who played guitar, bass, keyboards and the drum programming. Meanwhile they could complete the line-up.
With heavy riffing they start into The Dream, but it gets a symphonic touch due to the keyboards. For me more a mix of melodic death metal and symphonic black metal, partly with clear vocals of Anastasia Ligotskaya, but also with growls. But you can also find other elements, the guitar solo towards the end seems to be influenced by neo-classical metal and that part also has a progressive edge!
The second tune is called Breaking Test and they get more progressive! But then head into a melodic death metal part with symphonic keyboards, breaks and complex structures. Very interesting, but I think, if they would use more clean vocals and less growls they would be attractive to a broader audience.
Actually it's tough to describe their sound, coz they combine different elements and manage to create a homogenous sound. As this single is a free download, just check them out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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