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On disc: Rival Sons

Rival Sons EP - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Rival Sons EP

Rival Sons EP
(Earache Records - 2011)

L.A. the blues rockers Rival Sons started in 2008 and soon the quartet recorded their debut Before The Fire which they digitally released in summer 2009. Now they are signed to Earache Records and this EP is their first cooperation. Another 'digital only' release, but these days it seems we have to get used to it...

Musically the foursome is presenting 70's blues rock, but with a dash of heavy rock. They are obviously inspired by Led Zeppelin, it seems they also listened to Janis Joplin... Songs like Torture offer the authentic sound of the 70's, but they don't sound backdated. At Radio it seems that they loose track, like they want to head into a jam session... Actually I think that live they will jam and only on disk they have to stay on track. And that reminds me on bands like The Doors - even if Rival Sons don't have the psychedelic sound. Sacred Tongue sticks out, coz they ease up and present a mostly acoustic tune. Very cool.

Sleepwalker is a blues rocker which one more time shows Led Zeppelin-esque elements. Even singer Jay Buchanan adds some Plant-ish vocals. The closer Soul is spiced up with soul and sounds like a mix of James Brown and some 70's rock band... Partly the vocals have a slight Elvis touch. So, simply enjoy this one!
Okay, bands like The Answer or partly Black Stone Cherry are offering the same sound, but Rival Sons sound authentic and like they are coming straight from the 70's. This is music which you have to hear / see / feel live, but the recordings capture the vibe very well and luckily they don't sound too polished. Well done!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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