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On disc: Rival

- State Of Mind - Jörg Petersen - 7 stars

State Of Mind

State Of Mind
(Metal Blade - 2004)

The Chicago quartet started back in 1990 with their US / power metal crusade. They almost broke up when the underground zines started to celebrate their self-titled debut and Modern World. Their second album was self-financed, I think after all the years they were disappointed. Just in time the underground recognized the band. This is their latest output. Still the band sound Omen-like. Especially singer John Johnson sounds like former Omen singer JD Kimball (RIP). The songs are great, but... The production isn't 2004-like, it sounds more like being recorded in the early 80's in a cheap studio! The drums have no power and the guitar sound isn't sharp enough - no screaming guitar riffing. Beside that the vocals are too much up-front. Last, but not least the 9 tracks are just lasting for 35+ minutes! That was enough in the days of vinyl, but not in the age of CDs! Even if songs like the epic Lord Of The Knights and the almost catchy Reach have class, but with a good production this would have been a killer album! In comparison with Omen's current album Eternal Black Dawn the songs are better, but the poor production is taking this effect. I can just recommend to listen to some tunes and make up your mind then. It's definitely not for people who spend thousands of Euros for their hi-fi system. The songs would get a 9, the production only 3 points.... So the rating is a kind of mixed calculation.

7 stars

Jörg Petersen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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