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On disc: Riot

Sons Of Society - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars
Immortal Soul - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Immortal Soul

Immortal Soul
(SPV - 2011)

Riot are back with Immortal Soul! Army Of One was 2006, now late 2011 it's time for Immortal Soul - and Tony Moore is back on the mic.

They kick off with Riot, a folk-ish opening leads into a very fast, guitar-driven track with high-pitched vocals. Guitar master Mark Reale and his counterpart Mike Flyntz give a lesson right from the start. Still Your Man offers some fast licks, but is a little slower then the opener and shows once more that Tony Moore's vocal style, melody lines are unique. Even if at this one there is a hint of Thin Lizzy - at least for a moment. The song has a catchy edge... For Crawling they slow down, the mid-paced rocker is spiced up with Oriental elements. Actually I would have like to hear more mid-paced stuff, but well... Some might know Wings Are For Angels as prior the release they offered some stuff from the recording session on their YouTube channel. Anyway, it's another fast track with double-bass drumming and fast heavy riffs. But also with speed changes, a memorable vocal line and some crazy guitar leads. For Fall Before Me they slow down once more and this is the closest they get to a ballad! A quite typical Riot tune is Sins Of My Father, another guitar-driven up-tempo track. While in many cases fast tunes lead into monotonous vocals Tony Moore is able to add some memorable lines. The short instrumental Majestica gives the listener a short break before they head into the title track Immortal Soul. Another mid-paced tune with a catchy vocal line, not overly catchy... But a metal hymn which needs a little time to grow on you. Insanity can't keep the level, a nice tune but... Memorable riffs lead you into Whiskey Man. Believe and Echoes show interesting passages, not bad... But somehow they lack something... Anyway, Immortal Soul is a great album, not another classic in the Riot discography, but worth listening to!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Sons Of Society

Sons Of Society
(Metal Blade - 2001)

The album starts with oriental sounding intro before the metal starts with On The Wings Of Life. The track is a mid-tempo one and a typical Riot track.

Don't get me wrong, I mean this in a positive way! The rhythm section is still the same and that's good, coz with drummer Bobby Jarzombek and bassist Pete Perez they have great musicians who build the playground for guitarists Mike Flyntz and Mark Reale. The topping on this instrumental section is the voice of Mike DiMeo. On the cover they brought back the seal which was a trademark of Riot for years.

Just listen to Twist Of Fate and you'll fall in love with this album! And with Cover Me they have a beautiful ballad where DiMeo shows his sensitive and emotional side without sounding cheesy! The vocals are supported by the filigree lead guitar which partly repeat the vocal line of the chorus. And at the end the song gets a little more powerful. Just great!

You miss a fast track? Listen to Dragonfire! Satisfied? I'm! I don't want to go more in detail, coz this is a must for every fan of melodic power metal! And just to give them the chance to do better, I'll rate this with 9/10 points!

Perhaps you can convince me next time with a perfect album... Then I might give you the highest ranking... ;-)

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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