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On disc: Ribozyme

- Blacklist Mercy - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Blacklist Mercy

Blacklist Mercy
(Solid Approch - 2007)

When I first heard the name Ribozyme I thought of the RNA enzyme and not of a band, but that's because the Norwegian band Ribozyme isn't quite known yet. Even if they around for almost 10 years and quite successful in Norway. Now with Blacklist Mercy they want to conquer the metal world.
The trio kicks off with Becoming What You're After and heavy guitars, but then a break leads into an a capella part. A dark emotional Nu rock tune. Sadness and anger singer Kjartan Ericsson shows, but there is also some vulnerability in his voice. On Climbing Sidewalks the vocals remind me a bit of Chris Cornell... But musically they are more dark rock with heavy riffs. A dark version of A Perfect Circle... Bassist Bård Bøge's bass is adding a certain drive and at the same time is the source of stablility in Ribozyme. Heavier and more guitar-driven is Threshold. The title track starts with the sound of surf, some percussion and vocals... Slowly the song develops, but it takes awhile to culminate into a musical frenzy - and stops abruptly. Strange tune. Acceleration Atheist is a calm one which is carried by the vocals.
To get an idea of Ribozyme check out the opening track, Finding The Damage and Acceleration Atheist. These tracks give you a good impression. Interesting for fans of dark rock with atmospheric parts.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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