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On disc: Rex Mündi

IHVH - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars


(Debemur Morti Production - 2011)

Black metal is definitely about feelings and the band Rex Mündi does not go on any compromise on their debut album with songs that have been prepared since 2003. They had a small demo released in 2005 but this album IHVH is their first real CD. J' imagine slurs with dark atmospheric guitars as a deep dedication to black metal and on Naphtali they give a new meaning to the music as they combine a dark voice to the very melodic and most dominating black metal qualities. Their most important song Pious Angels gives the listeners powerful black metal in a fast insisting way that also include a ritual singing from their innermost believes. This is an interesting album that sums up the things they have done in the last 8 years.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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