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On disc: Reverend Bizarre

Death Is Glory...Now - Claudia Ehrhardt

Death Is Glory...Now

Death Is Glory...Now
(Spikefarm Records - 2009)

The masters of Doom Reverend Bizarre disbanded in 2007 and beside 3 albums they released a couple of 7" singles and split-EPs. The vinyl releases were limited and so only part of their fans will owe them, especially as some were limited, too. Well, the good news for fans of Reverend Bizarre, Spikefarm is now releasing a double CD with 13 tracks which are rare or previously unreleased and so this DCD is a gem for fans of the Finnish trio. You get songs from all their whole career incl. some cover version - partly been released before. Vinyl collector might have some of these, but to have them all on CD isn't that bad. And for the ones who haven't been lucky to get their hands on the vinyls this is a chance to get some rare stuff.
An important release for doom metal fans and a must-have for Reverend Bizarre fans!

Track list:

CD 1
Demons Annoying Me
Blood On Satanís Claw
Apocalyptic Riders
The Tree Of Suffering
The Children Of Doom
Odinnís Men

CD 2
From The Void II
Dark World
Broken Vows
The Gate Of Nanna

Claudia Ehrhardt


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