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On disc: Revel In Flesh

Deathevokation - Lars Bj°rn - 7 stars


(FDA-Rekotz - 2012)

The death metal band Revel In Flesh from Germany make their debut with a blood dripping and flesh ripping album where they show their dedication to 90's death metal and proves that this genre still is active. The Germans play with elegance and has both black metal and death metal in their music, and starts with Culpa Et Inferna, a song filled with terror and aggression where the speed is great and without loosing control of the song.

Shadowbreeder is absolutely no mercy death metal played very simple and brutal, but still with lots of potential that could be victorious at their concerts. Iron Coffin is deep growls in a true bombardment of death metal with melodic structure and again inspired by the death metal sound in 90's. Black Paled Elegy is the fastest song on the album and also one of the best with creative guitars and vocals with such a dedication and attitude that they will get many fans with this style of metal.

Dan Swan÷ has done the mastering of the album in the Unisound Studios in Sweden, and Swan÷ is full of praise for this new band, Revel In Flesh.

7 stars

Lars Bj°rn


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