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On disc: Renaissance Of Fools

Fear, Hope And Frustration - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Fear, Hope And Frustration

Fear, Hope And Frustration
(Metalville - 2011)

Renaissance Of Fools might be nobodies to many, but if you know that former Pain Of Salvation guitarist Daniel Magdic teamed up with two alumnae of LAMA, then you know this is presented on a high level. For the keyboard parts they hired Per Wiberg of Opeth.

Right from the start Renaissance Of Fools show what they are about - prog rock / metal. It's dark and melancholy. The opener is called Precious Life, a tune which also offers some Arabic influenced passages. Singer Kjell Bergendahl seems to suffer... At some tracks you can hear frustration, at others it's despair. Slowly they head into Polarized Round, this one stands for hope - at least partly -, if you think of the album title. At Leave It All Behind the vocals are expressive, but also show that Kjell Bergendahl is the weakest part of the band - even if his voice fits well to the bands sound. Some vocal passages remind me of The Man-Eating Tree, but the Tuomas Tuominen, the singer of the Finnish is more expressive and can add something to the music.

The songs are well-crafted and presented, there aren't any highs or lows... And for me they are too much alike, but still a decent album which fans of prog metal who don't look for technical frenzy should check out!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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