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On disc: Regardless Of Me

Pleasures And Fear - Lars Bjørn - 4 stars

Pleasures And Fear

Pleasures And Fear
(Unexploded Records - 2011)

This is the second attempt of Italian band Regardless Of Me, since their start in 2007. Earlier they have an release from 2009 called The World Within, but with the new record Pleasures And Fear they scrape the bottom of the thrash scene with 9 new songs from the multiman Emiliano Sicilia and his crew. There are generally a strange high metallic sound from the bass guitar, but what really annoys me from this album, is that the idea with a female vocalist, Pamela Manzo, who can sings beautifully has to put up with the unarticulated growling noises from Emiliano Sicilia. This doesn't fit in the right way, and furthermore some of the songs seems to be too lightly like they were results of lefthanded work by Sicilia. Simply not good enough.

The song Until I Die is industrial thrash with typical Sicilia long-growls, but with good voices from Pamela Manzo. From A Darkened Sky is full of strange noises that more or less drags the album down in a total oblivion of shitty mixture. Songs like The Way You Are, and Dispositions is full of thrash-pop and the Madonna cover version may be more powerful, but not good at all. It gets a little better towards the end with Made Of Steel and Never Lose Myself, that works with an OK power rhythm but still gives an impression of lefthand work.

4 stars

Lars Bjørn


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