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On disc: redLine / der rote Faden

- Pure Liebe - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Pure Liebe

Pure Liebe
(Anko Music - 2007)

The band redLine from Munich was founded in early 2006 and just a few months later they recorded an EP. Now they present their album Pure Liebe (engl.: pure love) with 12 rock songs with German lyrics and different sound elements... like punk, metal, pop and electro sounds.
The opener is called Keine Heilung and is a straight rock tune with a catchy refrain. The song has a slight NDW appeal... A bit melancholy - and Paradise Lost-like - it gets with Meine Droge. This track is quite heavy, but it's the keyboard of FaB which reminds me in the beginning of the Bradford guys. Even if musically Meine Droge has nothing in common with Rammstein, the vocals remind me a bit of the front runners of NDH. The title track has also this melancholy and a gothic touch due to the keyboards. But later in the song hope sparks, even if the lyrics are not positive. With Magnet they make you think of Rolling Stones due to the backings, but the vocals are more like Marius Müller-Westernhagen... Not my cup of tea. Back to the Paradise Lost-ish keyboards with Silberträne. A heavy, guitar-driven tune with some sadness... A bit slower then the other tunes, but don't expect a balladesque tune! Lyrically quite narcistic is Spiegelbild, but musically the song don't get me... With the hum of bees the track Honig (engl. honey) starts and then an up-tempo tune comes over you. Here they combine different styles and sounds, but somehow it sounds chaotic... they lost the red fathom.... the red line of this song. With Versteckspiel they get more heavy and cross the borders to metal.
Well, musically the follow too many different ways... In my opinion they should make up their mind where they want to head to. Lyrically... Their lyrics are way better then the ones of many other German acts, but they don't get close to the poetic lyrics of Unheilig. Let's see what the guys present us next...

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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