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On disc: Redeemer

Caterpillar - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars


(self-released - 2010)

Italian power metal band Redeemer gives their praise to Judas Priest on this phenomenal release. 12 songs of different quality, but with an intensity that does not get to be heard as splendid as Redeemer do it. All aspects of the sound is a mirror of Judas Priest especially from the Ram It Down and the Painkiller era. Also the album cover, a man in leather clothes and hat symbolizes Rob Halford, but the transportation he is sitting on is not a Harley Davidson . . . but a scooter. Italy is however Italy.
This CD will probably not go down in history as a famous one, but there is a seriousness that can not be overheard. The pounding attack is so hard you will be moved and turned over, this is an album that true Judas Priest fans would add to their collection and be proud of. It seems very natural that Redeemer ends the album with a cover version of Victim Of Changes, and do it with elegance and deep respect for the original song. Finally a cover version that don't end up making a fool of the song, as you often hear when some bands try to do a cover of a classic. Even the name Redeemer gives a reference to Judas Priest. This new CD is a fresh dedication to the English giants.
Best songs are: Hard Infection, Bolt Crevice, Raise Hell, Metalgeddon, Sins Retailer.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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