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On disc: Reardon

- Free From Code - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Free From Code

Free From Code
(Yearning Communications - 2003)

When I got this CD I didn't knew what to expect, coz the name didn't ring a bell. I put the CD in my player and when Break - the opening track - came out of the speakers I thought first of Freak Of Nature, but to compare them with Mike Tramp's band don't explain their sound at all. But gives a good idea about it. Reardon is named after mainman Matt Reardon who is quite known and a star in his main business - free skier - and this is his second passion - rock! Produced is the album by Jrn Kachelriess and Matt Reardon himself. Matt is singing and playing guitars. He's joint by JK on guitars, Armin L.A. Koebel (g), Tony Curtis on bass and drummer / percussionist Andy dick.
A heavy, groovy rocker is Set The Mood which is presenting the band very good. Personally Free From Code put me under a spell, the CD keeps spinning and it seems that it'll stuck in my player for much longer!
I'm happy that this one made it onto my desk, coz otherwise I would have missed a great album!
With Free From Code Matt Reardon is on his way to the top, a place he knows quite good as on of the world's best free skiers! Well, a must for rock fans!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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