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On disc: Rawhead Rexx

- Diary In Black - Jörg Petersen - 8 stars

Diary In Black

Diary In Black
(AFM Records - 2003)

With Diary In Black the quartet returns. Former Glenmore singer Jürgen Volk teamed up with ex-Letter X guitarist Rüdiger Fleck, bassist Face (ex-Erotic Jesus) and drummer Dany Löble (ex-Höllenhunde) a few years ago and formed Rawhead Rexx. Simple power metal with groove and the variable voice of Jürgen Volk. The first sign of life was their self-titled debut which was more discussed for the cover then for the music. For many metal fans the first contact with the band was a live show when they toured with Annihilator, Nevermore & Soilwork resp. Saxon & Krokus. It seems that touring helped them to grow together. The songs are tighter and sound more mature. Lyrically most songs are dealing with the life of Vlad Tepes better known as Dracula. The songs are presenting chapters, but they aren't sorted. Additionally there are 3 songs which are about other things. These are mixed up with the chapters. A little strange...
Musically they are interesting for fans of heavy metal up to power metal. Many songs are really neckbreakers like The Machine and Evil In Mind. Give them a chance and listen several times to this disk, coz it grows!

8 stars

Jörg Petersen
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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