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On disc: Ransom

Better Days - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Better Days

Better Days
(Yesterrock - 2010)

Fans of Air Supply and Eddie Money will know the name Don Cromwell. While he has touring with Eddie Money he hooked up with guitarist Tommy Girvin and in the late 90's Trouble In Paradise by Ransom was released. The last couple of years Cromwell was writing songs for artists like Jennifer Rush and produced some albums. Now it's time for Ransom to return to the scene. Better Days brings back the 80's rock sound and so they continue what they started with Trouble In Paradise. So, if you aren't into 80's rock, then stop reading!
The trio kicks off with the title track, a guitar-driven rocker with a catchy hook. In the 80's this one would have got a lot air play. The dynamic duo was joined by drummer Rock Hampton. Acoustic guitar and Girvin's vocals lead into Stay With Me Tonight, a balladesque rocker. Another balladesque tune is Learn To Be Alone which reminds me a bit of Bryan Adams... Just the voice is less raspy. Oh Life is a rocker with a light pop appeal which is written by Robin McAuley, everything else was written by Girvin / Cromwell. After a short acoustic intro Best Is Yet To Come surprise you which its heaviness. Party Time is a happy rocker which revives the 80's. Towards the end of the album gets heavier... High And Mighty is one of my favorites on Better Days. I would have loved to hear more songs like this one!
Fans of 80's rock, of the first Ransom album and of Bryan Adams should give it a try. The track Party Life is available on Yesterrock's MySpace!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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