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On disc: Ramos Hugo

- The Dream - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

The Dream

The Dream
(Frontiers - 2008)

Hard rock fans will know Josh Ramos and Hugo Valenti from their former bands, now they teamed up for Ramos Hugo! The album is called The Dream and offer 10 tracks. Btw, the drummer is also known by countless releases, it's John Macaluso.
The opening track You're Not Alone starts with drums and keyboard before Josh Ramos adds some heavy, melodic riffs and Hugo Valenti joins in. Decent tune, but it can't hook you up immediately. Less heavy is All That I Wanted which is a balladesque rocker, not bad at all, but I miss the depth in the vocals... This song isn't touching me, and that's what makes a song outstanding. But perhaps it's the production... at least partly. The sound is quite polished, but also a bit flat...
Balladesque starts the title track The Dream and tries to carry you away... But only the guitars can make a point... The backings are weak, not like you know them from the late 80's / early 90's.
One of the best tracks is Fools Game, here they are more emotional and touching. It's a slow, powerful tune with a dash melancholy. Even if When You Get Lonely is heavier, it has a melancholy edge. The up-tempo rock is quite good, but again they can't touch me. Something Valentine's songs could, and so I wonder again, if it's the flat production... Towards the end the song gets a bit chaotic... They overdo it, mainly Josh Ramos' guitar.
Well, perhaps the songs need more time to grow, but as only the first 2 tracks on this promo copy are without voice-over. They don't get the chance to grow, coz it's no fun to listen to the tracks with voice over and e.g. Fools Game would probably have grown on me... But the voice over destroys the atmosphere... So there is the chance that the rating would be a bit higher... You have to listen yourself and make up your mind!

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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