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On disc: Rammstein

Liebe ist für alle da - Philip Thelen - 8 stars

Liebe ist für alle da

Liebe ist für alle da
(Universal - 2009)

Germany's industrial legends Rammstein are back with their new album Liebe ist für alle da.
They announced their tour back in June 2009 and it was sold out within a few days. I am proud to own a ticket for the show in Luxembourg on 4th December at Rockhal in Esch / Alzette. Yes, it is very expensive with 69 € for a a single ticket, but everybody knows their giant production is worth all this money.
First song Rammlied is an homage to their fans who waited long time for this new album. It is mid-tempo-based with a catchy Rammstein hook. Next song Ich tu dir weh does groove very well and scores with a great, catchy chorus. It is about murderer who tortures his victims (phrase: 'Stacheldraht im Harnkanal' means 'barbed wire in the urethra'). Waidmanns Heil starts with 'Hallali', a traditional German hunter signal by horns. It is about hunters and their attitude to kill animals. It is one of my faves, because of it's great riffing and chorus. Haifisch is a song about a shark (Haifisch). 'Sharks have tears and they flow down their face. The shark lives in the sea and so you can't see the tears. In the abyss they are lonely and because of this you can't see their tears and because of this, the sea is salty'. You see, funny lyrics. But the riffing is really great and really catchy! The following B******* could be a song from an older album. Very hard and mid-tempo-based. Frühling in Paris is a ballad about 'his' first whore. Nice one! Wiener Blut could be from the Mutter album and is a great song, too. It's a typical Rammstein song. And so is Pussy. They produced a hardcore porn video clip for this song. It is really catchy and indeed with funny lyrics, which are partly in English. Now it's time for the title track Liebe ist für alle da, which is a bit faster than the rest of the songs. Like Pussy it is about sex. Last song on the album is Roter Sand. It is again a ballad, very slow and calm, but a nice one, too.
All in all a great album and I am looking forward to see them live for the first time in December! A live review will follow!
My personal faves are Rammlied, Ich tu dir weh, Waidmanns Heil, Haifisch, Frühling in Paris and Pussy. Check them out!

8 stars

Philip Thelen


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