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On disc: Ragnarok

Malediction - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars


(Agonia Records - 2012)

The Malediction, where is it? Ragnarok makes one album after another where they leave no doubt about their black metal status in Norway, among the very best. Now they are ready to make havoc with their new CD from their satanic world: Malediction. Demon In My View is black and humoristic melody at the same time, and drums are the dominating factor when they look at the Demon in their view. The speed goes tremendously up in the song Necromantic Summoning Ritual where the black metal and growling are delivered as fast as the band can possibly play. Pro Patria Mori is the most competent all round black metal they have made for you this time. Fast and sublime metal where they show who rule black metal Norway. The rest of the songs are made over the same cup of blood, aggressive fast black metal where I can not find the very big difference in the songs, but that is no shame as long as they are as good as they are on this Malediction album.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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