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On disc: Radio Silence

Whose Skin Are You Under Now? - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Whose Skin Are You Under Now?

Whose Skin Are You Under Now?
(Escape Music - 2009)

Radio Silence is Alistair Gordon and this is his 3rd solo album. Musically he is based in AOR... If you want to know what he did in the past, visit his website! For Whose Skin Are You Under Now? he went to Sweden to work with Martin Kronlund, who plays guitar and produced the album together with Gordon. Keyboards are played by Mats Olausson and Imre Daun took over the drums and percussion.
The opener is Hand To Mouth which starts with some fragments of classic speeches accompanied by keyboard. The song is a mid-paced pop rock song with an 80's touch. A balladesque rocker is Mosquito, the song has a positive vibe... Perfect for the summer... but mosquitos can usually be found in summer, so this isn't a surprise. ;)
Wall Of Silence is a pop rock tune which would have hit the charts in the 80's. A bit like Foreigner with a dash pop. Or Asia in a rocky way... Cool tune. One of my favorites is When The Lights Go Down, another balladesque tune. And it gets obvious that its Alistair Gordon's vocals which ennoble the songs. The melodic rocker Shotgun Love has some heavy riffs and a catchy hook to offer. Acoustically they present the ballad Anyway The Wind Blows, and again it's the vocals which make it stick out. Even if I think that here the 80's backing vocals are take away a bit of the intensity of the song... The closer is called Hide Your Love Away, acoustic guitar leads into this one... The song sounds quite familiar... Well, it's a Beatles tune in an Alistair Gordon version. Cool acoustic version.
An interesting album for everybody who listens to 80's rock which is peppered with a dash pop. Check out: Shotgun Love, Mosquito and Anyway The Wind Blows.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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