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On disc: Racer X

- Snowball Of Doom /
Live At The Whisky
- Amir Djawadi - 4 stars

Snowball Of Doom / Live At The Whisky

Snowball Of Doom / Live At The Whisky
(Mascot Records - 2002)

In the 80's they recorded their first albums and in the meantime they got famous with bands like Judas Priest, Mr. Big, Badlands and The Scream. There was a certain magic, the right chemistry between the members and so they returned in 1999 to the studio to record Technical Difficulties. A year later Super Heroes followed. At that time they realized that this special magic, atmosphere and unity should be documented and they decided to record a live performance.
On May, 25th 2001 they entered the stage at the famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood to can the bonfire and the energy of their music. The result contains 14 tracks.
On vocals Jeff Martin with his rough voice, on guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert - who easily handles to guitar necks - while Scott Travis is on drums - known for his work with British legend Judas Priest - and bass player John Alderete. The four-some presented songs from their whole career, from Street Lethal to the current release Super Heroes. A cover version of the Blue Oyster Cult song Godzilla completed the set list.
As usual you can find the typical 'thanks list', but the band named every fan who came from Europe or Japan just to see them live! Very nice!
A decent album which represents the band as well as the musicians who are part of this super group. An album for fans and friends of the band.

4 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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