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On disc: Raaksha

Sidhapathini - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars


(The SLUM Records - 2008)

It's the first time I got the chance to listen to a Sri Lankan band and it's even more interesting as Raaksha have elements of Sri Lankan folk woven into their music. And so they call their style Hela Metal. This is only a 1-track e-single and you can check the guys out at their MySpace. The 8+ minutes long track starts slowly and carries a sad note. At about 2:30 minutes the opening theme fades away and they add some drums and vocals to what seems to be distorted guitars... For my ears the Sri Lankan vocal style sounds a bit strange... And the track is not really metal... Don't get me wrong, one song is fine, but this combination isn't what I would like to listen to for much longer then this one track. But I like the idea to combine ethnic sounds and rock / metal, even if this isn't convincing me... I think that Raaksha want to get some attention then they have at least add more rock or metal elements. And vary the vocals, coz the traditional vocal style is very tiring for many music fans. But check them out yourself! Visit their MySpace.

4 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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