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On stage: Quireboys

- Quireboys & Five Fifteen - Sep. 2001 - Bochum (D) -

Quireboys & Five Fifteen
- September, 30th 2001 -
- Bochum (Germany), Matrix -

When we arrived at Bochum's Matrix the opener Five Fifteen was already playing. We were late. Actually I never ever heard of them before, but what the Finnish did a decent job. Their hippie rock was perfect to warm up the fans for The Quireboys. The audience seems the be the same who listened to The Quireboys almost a decade ago when they released their hit album A Bit Of What You Fancy and they liked Five Fifteen.
After a short break the quintet entered the stage and opened their set with Seven O'clock from their debut. But they were their to promote the new album This Is Rock'n'Roll and so songs like C'mon, Show Me What You Got and Searchin' were mixed with their old classics like Ode To You, Hey You and Misled. Live the band of singer Spike is heavy and don't sound like a hard version of Rod Steward. It was obvious that the band enjoyed playing live and soon the fans party along with the five-piece. But it was Spike, the charismatic singer who caught the attention of the fans. This Is Rock'n'Roll was the motto of the band and the tour, good to know that they can still rock!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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