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On disc: Quo Vadis

- Babel - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Jimmy Jazz - 2007)

The Polish band was founded back in the late 90's and released their first demo in 1998. Another demo and several albums followed. Now they present their latest piece of work - Babel!
The intro 21:37 is kicking off with a choir and later the band joins in, but stays in this church-like sounds. They really get into gear with Judasz, with fast, heavy riffing and a melodic, almost catchy refrain. The hyper-fast parts are thrashy, but have a death metal touch, so you can say they vary between traditional heavy metal, thrashy riffs and some death metal elements. The dark, raspy voice of bassist Tomasz Skuza fits well to their sound. And the guys can surprise you with twists and turns like a slow, melodic keyboard passage. With the following Dominus they show their death metal influences, but also some black metal-ish sounds - especially the keyboard. The blend is quite cool and guitarists Marcin Szeremeta and Mateusz Lazar add some great leads as well as razor-sharp riffs. With I'm The Man they switch from Polish to English lyrics, not necessary in my opinion, but at least Tomasz has no heavy accent. I confess that the English lyrics make the hook line catchy, coz when you know the words it sticks more easily. On the other hand the Polish - and Latin (?) - lyrics have something special.... Btw, this track is a quite heavy traditional metal song, but also has some fast parts. Almost a metal anthem is Ishrael, and here you get a short neo-classical guitar part and a keyboard line which support the guitars. Really cool!
With spoken, almost whispered words they get you at Satine, then some keyboard part which seems to be influenced by church music combined with heavy riffs. One of the highlights. The opening riff of Mia make me think for a moment of Iced Earth, but then they storm off. A thrash tune with a dash of death metal, but then a mid-paced part with quite traditional riffing... Twists and turns, they know how to surprise the listener! Well done! Znakomity!
So I can only recommend to listen to the album of this Polish outfit, if you like metal with different sounds and elements. It's really a shame that we don't hear about bands like Quo Vadis more often!
Check out: Satine, Judasz, Ishrael, Feniks, Bojownik and Pax.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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