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On disc: Quiet Riot

- Metal Heath - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Metal Heath

Metal Heath
(Epic - 1983)

I remember that I first heard this band at the Friday Rock Show at BFBS with Metal Health. The voice of Kevin DuBrow is unique and this one is a real catchy rocker. This isn't their first album, but with this piece of vinyl they become more known in Europe. Former guitarist Randy Rhodes got replaced by Carlos Cavazo. With Cum On Feel The Noize they created a real heavy party rocker. You might think of Twisted Sister... A catchy hookline make you sing along soon. Fading out with a guitar solo and a mighty choir. A killer track for every metal party!
A heavy mid-tempo tune is Don't Wanna Let You Go, a bit balladesque... DuBrow's vocals are adding emotions to this simple tune. A typical heavy metal solo is added and gives this one a bit more heaviness. Decent, but nothing special. The much heavier anthem Slick Black Cadillac brings back the catchiness. A real balladadesque rocker they recorded with Love's A Bitch. Heavy bass - played by Rudy Sarzo - is setting a counterpart to the voice of DuBrow. Then the band joins in for the refrain. A slow rock song... a dirty rocker, but the production is too clean and the backing vocals are overproduced. I think live it'll be sounding dirty and raw.... An up-tempo one is Breathless. This song is interesting, even if I can't tell why this one has something special... The sound elements are the same as usual... With Run For Cover they recorded a fast one which has some aggressiveness. Shouts from DuBrow and screaming guitars from Cavazo. But with Battle Axe they recorded an instrumental which gave guitarist Cavazo the chance to show his skills on his battle axe.
Anyway, it's fun to listen to this heavy metal album, perhaps not the most unique one, but due to the voice of DuBrow easily to identify.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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